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Standing Seam 138 T Metal Roof Panels

Wed, Apr 8, 2020 @ 03:25 PM | Perry


The 138 T is a mechanically seamed, standing seam metal roof panel that get its name  because the “legs” or sides of the metal are 1 and 3/8 tall and the profile resembles a T. T-Panel Standing Seam McElroyT-Panel Standing Seam

The T panel style metal roofing is considered by many professionals in the roofing industry as the next step forward in the evolution of Standing seam because its design and function remedy serval problems and concerns that other types of standing seam metal just can overcome.

Let's look at 5 reasons why you may want to consider using the 138T Standing seam metal roofing  on your next project. 


Standing Seam Metal Roof Installation

1.The 138 T is repairable

Standing seam metal roof panels provide long term performance but are almost impossible to work on or repair due to the fact that the pieces of metal are interlock and folded together. If a repair needs to be made you have to remove panels from where you began all the way to the place where repair is to be made then replace all the metal. This all changed with the T panel. The seam cap that joins the pieces of the 138 T together can be unfolded and the panel that needs to be repaired can be removed and replaced. 


2. Full length metal panels with no seams

The 138T is roll formed on your job site and will be full length with no seams in the metal. That means a solid sheet of metal from the eve to all the way to the ridge with no place to leak. Get rid of seam and get of leaks on metal roofs


3. Simple Design and easy to installStanding Seam 138T panel installed

The 138 T is systemized in ways that other types of metal roofing are not making it easy to install but more importantly it's easy to teach someone how to install. Simple, easy to teach repeatable processes lead to predictable outcomes which means quality installs for homeowners, building owner, and general contractors.


Traverse Panels behind chimneys and penetrations4. Best flashing system - Traverse panels behind chimneys, curbs, HVAC units & skylights

The travers panel detail is hands down the best way to waterproof chimneys, curbs HVAC units, and skylights. The typical problem on metal roofing is that water heads straight into the back of these roof top obstacles and simple has nowhere to go.  Curbs with welded corners are tricky to install, can be difficult to keep on module with the roofing panels, and often leak due to the difficulty of flashing it in the right way. 

Travers panel changed all that and made flashing simple and effective without expensive welded curbs.


Seam cap for Standing seam metal roof 138T5. The seam cap becomes the gutter strap

The seam cap can be extended out past the edge of the roofing panels and then be folded in a way that it can be used as a gutter strap giving the gutter incredible strength and making it able to much better withstand sliding snow or ice. This detail is for commercial jobs where the gutters are fabricated in the same color metal as the roofing panel. Residential gutters are usually seamless aluminum gutters and seam cap is not used as the strap 

Now that you’ve learned the several advantages the 138 T has over other standing seam metal roofing panels, we need to figure out where it should be used.

The 138 T is the prefect fit for residential and light commercial job. This panel needs a solid deck whether wood or steel,  and we highly recommend using high temperature ice and water shield as the underlayment. 

If your next project is on a steel building or over open purling check out the vides on the 238T 

The 138 T does what other types of metal roofing can’t all while looking great and keeping you home or business weathertight. 

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