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What Makes Standing Seam Metal Roofing So Unique?

Sun, Apr 12, 2020 @ 12:31 PM | Perry

As metal roofing goes, standing seam is in a category of its own. But what are the benefits of a standing seam metal roof, and why should you invest more to have one installed on your home or business?

Here are our top Five reasons a standing seam metal roof is worth every penny of your investment in your home or business:

1. No Exposed Screws or Nails

Standing Seam Metal Roof no screws 138T-1Standing seam metal roofing doesn't rely on exposed screws or nails to attached to a home or building but rather uses a clip that fits over the top of the male leg of the standing seam metal. The clip gets screwed down to the roof, holding the metal roofing panel in place. Then the next standing seam roof panel is placed in order that the female leg sits over top of the male leg and the clip so that the clip is now underneath the metal roofing. No exposed screws or nails is a major reason that standing seam metal roofing last so long and not have the metal roofing directly screwed down to the roof is our second reason that it preforms so well, the metal roofing is allowed to expand and contract.

Did you know that on regular screw down metal it requires approximately 70 screws per Sq. to attach the metal to the structure? On an average 2,000 sq ft home this is more that than 2,300 screws or holes poked in your new metal roof!

2. Standing Seam Applications Designed for Expansion - Contraction

238 T metal Roof Panel InstallationMetal roofing Expands and contracts every day with temperature changes and the use of clips when attaching the metal roofing allows for this movement. The clips let the metal move without tearing or buckling against it’s self, screws, or metal trims. Since the movement of the standing seam metal roof is compensated for in it’s design, the seams, transitions, and metal trims don’t break water tight seals and leak. Standing seam is designed to move all while staying water tight, this is possible because of the interlocking pieces and components of metal roofing which leads us to our third reason standing seam is worth the investment in you home or business.

Did You know that steel roofing will expanding - contract approximately 1” per 100’ pieces of metal each day?

3. Interlocking Pieces and Parts

Standing Seam Metal Roof interlocking piecesProbably one of the neatest things about standing seam is how the metal panels and trims are interlocking. This is done via a “ Hem”. A Hem is a fold in the metal that is usually either 1” or 1 1/2 “ inches long that “ Hooks up” to another piece of the metal roofing system. In the metal roofing world the design idea of interlocking pieces is called architectural details. Creating and installing a Standing seam metal roof with full architectural details is really where sheet metal craftsmanship is revealed. Interlocking pieces or architectural details allows for thermal moment in the metal roofing without creating leaks.

Did you know it takes a variety of specialized tools to create full architectural detail? A combination of metal brakes, hand brakes, hand rollers, and special sheet metal pliers are used.

4. Elevated Ribs Keep Seams Dry

Standing Seam Metal Roof SeamsStanding seam or standing rib metal gets it’s name from the fact that the seam between the pieces of metal roofing is elevated or raised off the surface. This greatly reduces the chance that water, snow, or ice can enter in the joint between the metal panels. The seam or rib height will vary depending on the application. For example lower pitched metal roofs can require a taller seam or rib where as a steep metal roof application will preform well with shorter ribs. In addition the height of the standing seam, there are also different types of joints formed between the pieces of metal. The two standard types are mechanically seamed and snap lock. Mechanically seamed metal panels can be used on any slope but are usually required for low slope metal roofs. Snap lock style seams are faster to installed but can only be used on roof pitches of 3/12 or above. A variety of seam heigh and seam styles allows you find a custom fit for your next metal roofing project.

Did you know that standing seam has been around hundreds or years?

5. Metal Thickness and Paint of Standing Seam

Standing Seam RoofingLast but not least is the thickness or gauge of the steel used in standing seam and also the type of paint. Standing seam metal roofing comes in standard 24 gauge thickness as opposed too much thinner 29 gauge screw down metal. The paint used in standing seam is typically Kynar where as the thin gauge screw down metal uses siliconized polyester paint. The thicker steel used in standing seam ensures a much longer life and the top notch paint means that the roof will look great and resist color fading years down the road. Standing seam metal roofing is an investment in a home or building you will appreciate more and more as time goes by. The longevity and durably of standing seam is unmatched in the roofing industry so if you want to roofing it once, roofing it right with a standing seam metal roof by Exterior Pro

Did you know we manufacture our standing seam metal roofing and gutters? We use CNC automated folding tables to fabricate metal roofing and trims for a custom fit on every roof we installed.