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Essential Maintenance Tips for Varying Roof Types

Sun, Apr 21, 2019 @ 06:20 PM | Cutshall

No matter the climate, location, or building type, if your roof is a of shingle, flat, or metal rooftop, then it will require some form of maintenance. While some will likely require more than others, routine maintenance and checkups are highly encouraged to elongate your roof's lifespan, regardless of material type. This blog aims to provide some helpful roof maintenance tips that any home or business owner can utilize when maintaining their roof!

Universal Maintenance Tip

There is one roof maintenance tip that applies to all roofing types and its to clear away any and all debris off your roof whenever possible. Not only does clearing away debris expose any tears, punctures, or general damage done to your roof, but it keeps large objects like tree limbs from scratching up your roofing material! Regardless if its asphalt shingles, PVC membrane, or even metal panels, scratches will reduce the durability of all types to varying degrees!

Focused Maintenance

Obviously not all roof types require the same level of maintenance.

Shingle Roof Maintenance

One big roof maintenance tip for you folks with asphalt shingle rooftops is to have your roof checked for loose and damaged shingles! They can be easily hidden behind bunches of leaves or can be seen hanging on by a thread. It can also be difficult to identify old brittle shingles without manually lifting and bending one. Either way, strong gusts of wind can easily blow them away, leaving a hole in your roofs protection. This procedure can be done on your own, however, if you're unsure or inexperienced, its best to have it done by a professional!


Flat Roof Maintenance

 When it comes to rubber rooftops or flat roofs with PVC membrane installed, bubbling is a sure sign of trouble. Flat roofs will have sections of its membrane lifted up and bloated due to a few reasons. One reason could be due to the buildings poor insulation, or due to there being either a tear in the membrane that caused it to fill with water or air. These instances can arise either due to poor installation or damaging debris! When checking your roof, if you see any bubbling occurring, it's highly recommended to contact a local roofing contractor for proper inspection. Proper patchwork and welding will be applied where necessary!

Rubber Roof Damage Repair- IKE-218471-edited

Metal Panel Roof Maintenance

Lastly, we'll focus on metal rooftops! The most common types of metal roofs consist of either standing seam metal panels or barn metal sheets. Unlike the two previously mentioned materials, metal rooftops are way more durable in comparison. However, while you may not have to worry about bubbling or loose panels, damage caused by debris is still a hazard for metal roof owners.

Metal Roof Repair Overview-Delta

Large scratches/gashes caused by fallen debris can lead to eventual rusting and deteriorate your metal panels protection. If the scratch is light enough and depending on the metal type, resealing the waterproof coating will be enough to repair its functionality. However, large gashes or small holes could require welding new metal or even the installation of new panels. To be sure, check with your local roofing contractor!

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