Flat/Low-Slope Roofing


A properly installed and maintained flat roof can be one of a buildings greatest assets but a leaking or failing flat roof can quickly become a building’s biggest Expenses.

Flat roof

Why choose Exterior Pro for your next flat roofing project? BECAUSE WE ARE THE EXPERTS AT ROOFING EXISTING BUILDINGS

We understand that your business or organization doesn't have time for “ Down Time” so we tailor fit our flat roof installations and repairs around your buildings operations and activities. Your employees, tenants, and customers won't even know we are replacing the flat roof

We install our PVC flat roofs:
  • Without loud equipment 
  • Without harmful chemicals or torches 
  • Without building closures or disruptions 
  • Without the mess 
Why Exterior Pro Roofing? 
  • Because its business as usual when replacing your flat roof 
  • You will not lose customers when Exterior Pro is your roofing contractor

Not Sure what condition your flat roof is in?

Invite us out

We’ll Evaluate your  flat roof and you will learn 

  • What type of flat roof you have 
  • How old it is 
  • How much longer it will last 
  • What steps you can take to make it last longer 
  • How much roof insulation you have 
  • What replacement options you have 
  • What the replacement options may cost 



Make better decisions about your building’s flat roof by getting the facts. Schedule a free flat roof evaluation and get the answers you need to save money and plan for the future