Coating Repairs

To Expand The Life Of Your Metal Roof


Our dedicated team of roofing experts can do much more with metal roofing than just install new roofs. Using roof coatings made of silicone, coal tar, polyurethanes and ceramics, we can reseal your leaking, aged or corroded metal roofs at affordable cost, and with long-lasting results.

Metal coating for commercial roof repair can not only resist the elements, but also help you significantly lower energy consumption on your property.

  • Metal roof coating can help in waterproofing aging or damaged roof, and essentially eliminate roof ponding problems.
  • Elastometric properties of coating materials protect roofs from cracking or contraction/expansion due to temperature change Polyurethane sealants even offer permanent elastometric benefits.
  • Superior heat and radiation deflection by as much as 85%, adding energy efficiency.
  • Resistance to chemicals, rust, fire and corrosion to serve your commercial or residential property for decades to come.