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Roofing Maintenance Program is Vital

Tue, Apr 29, 2014 @ 03:16 PM | Exterior Pro Roofing

Lets face it, many of us tend to think about our roofs last after all the other important things we have to think about on a daily basis, whether it is our personal lives things to do or business things to do. Every once in a while we may glance at our roof at home or work and think I should probably take a look, or say it looks okay or wow what a mess. The bad thing is when something like a leak or wind damage happens, we know we got to get right on it. There are many things in live that can happen to our roof and one thing that can help us keep it in shape is to have a maintenance program. 

With having a maintenance program in place we can keep from having a small issue turn into a major cost. Here are some reasons why a roofing maintenance program is vital to commercial and residential owners: fewer repair or replacement bills, extend the life of your roof, and identify problems potential problem.

Duro roof

Fewer Repairs or Replacement

Obviously the number one reason it is vital is to keep from having many repairs done or even replacement bills. A good thing to do would have the roof inspected at least once a week or couple times a month. Especially after having any major winds or storms that can cause debris to land on the roof. Sometimes these debris are a big cause of problems as they can clutter up your roof and cause breaks, cuts, and moisture damage to your roof no matter what type of roofing system you may have. With inspecting for debris and any possible damages or other problems you may see, you can have the issue attended to with less cost than leaving things as they are causing them to get worse. Spotting damages is not as difficult as you may think. Read Signs that you may need a new roof and it will give you some information about what to look for. Other things that you need to check would be around flashings, HVAC units or other equipment that are onto of commercial roofs to check and see if any equipment has any issues also because sometimes this can cause moisture damage to the roofing system as well. 

Extend Your Roof LifeDuro Last roof

The next reason the maintenance is vital is because it can help extend the life of your roof. Not only can you limit the amount of repairs and replacement of your roof, you can extend the life of the roof by routinely checking it. Again keeping your roof clean and taking care of minor issues whether they seem bad or not can help extend the life of your roof and from having higher costs to repair or replace. Other than a tornado or other major mother nature issues, you can get a longer life from your roof. Somethings you do not have control of like mother nature, but you can control taking care of your roof because it is like an investment on your building or home. We all know that just taking care of your roof can also save the inside of your building or home also.

Identify Problems Quicker

The next reason which is kind of covered in the previous two is that you can identify problems that may be possible by inspecting your roof regularly and cleaning it of debris. For instance some commercial buildings have skylights, then you have equipment like HVAC units and other things that you can see a potential problem that can also cause roof problems. It is much easier to fix these things right away big or not with a maintenance program. 

These three reasons I would say should have everyone thinking about making a maintenance program a major importance, especially for commercial roofs. For those home owners, you may realize you need to make a routine to glance at your roof more than usual. If you are unsure about what to look for you can always ask a local roofing contractor about a maintenance program. They can show you things to look for based on your roofing system also. If you would like information on this subject for your roof, feel free to contact us.


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