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Worn out Metal Roof? How about a Retrofit?

Mon, Jun 16, 2014 @ 02:22 PM | Exterior Pro Roofing

Is your commercial buildings metal roof worn down from aging or damages from elements? Had leaking? Rusting? Or already has had to have too many repairs to seams and penetrations? If this is you then maybe it is time to look into another option like Duro Shield Metal Retrofit from Duro Last.Damaged metal roof

There can be so many issues with metal roofs like the rusting and corrosion, having cracks or leaks around penetrations on the roof and fasteners and seam issues that seem to need a lot of attention. While there are other options that you can do and might have already done like coatings and sealants, there still seems to be a need to repair your metal roof again, why not try another option of doing a retrofit? If you are having any of these issues and are thinking it is time for a replacement roof there is another option to removing the old roof and installing a new one and that is the Metal Retrofit with Duro Last called Duro Shield. 

Duro Shield Metal Retrofit can be applied to your existing metal roof in majority of cases. Generally if there is no moisture saturation to your existing roof system, then the Duro Shield can be applied on top of the existing roof. Here is how it works:Retrofit

  • First there is insulation cut to fill the flutes on your metal roof.
  • Second another layer of insulation is applied on top of the metal and filled flutes that increases the R-value and makes a flat surface for the membrane to be installed.
  • Third the prefabricated membrane is then installed by mechanically fastening the membrane over the insulation.
  • Lastly, the prefabricated flashings for penetrations are heat-welded to cover and assure a leak proof seal.

Now you have a new roof without having the added cost of a tear off and has benefits of not having any interruption for your operations. Plus the flexibility of the membrane expands and contracts with the weather that can help limit leaking. Also Duro Last roofing systems help to save on cooling costs and you can get savings through state and federal incentives. The membrane can reflect  over 85% of the suns direct rays.

Retrofited Metal RoofCheck out one of our case studies where we installed a Metal Roof Retrofit Installation is simple , less noise and the cost can be much less than replacing the roofing system. Our customers that have had Duro Last roofs installed love the new look, the savings, and the that the duration of installation had no interruption to their daily activities. You can eliminate al the issues that come with having a metal roof and the constant maintenance that a metal roof requires. The Duro Last membrane roofing system requires less maintenance that most roofing systems. 

If you have a metal roof and are having any issues or for more information on the Duro Shield metal retrofit or other Duro Last roofing systems give us a call.

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