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Time to Inspect your Flat Roof

Tue, Feb 19, 2013 @ 02:42 PM | Perry

Any material that covers flat roofs has a life-span. The main job for this roofing material membrane is to keep out water. Even on a flat roofs, there is a slight tilt or camber. The tilt rolls the water into a gutter and through a system of down spouts. On commercial buildings, if this simple process fails, you are going to have a big problem. 

According to  The National Association of Commercial Roof Inspectors , "The average life expectancy of these roof systems has been indicated to be 15 years." Many leaks are the failure of installation or maintenance. Even when leaks are not obvious, any water that  enters under a flat roof remains and rarely dries. Roof materials, then, degrade and further damage insulation below the membrane - leading to yet more damage.

Perhaps, not surprisingly, any roof system should be inspected just after installation to confirm the quality of the work and related liabilities. A close inspection should follow any and every major wind, rain, or hail event and routinely every 3 to 5 years after installation.

You might want to act faster or more frequently if your roof has certain characteristics:
  • Rolled materials all have seams that are susceptible to cracking and lifting. 
  • Most systems installations do not reinforce flashing material.
  • Most are glued or heat-mopped.
  • Some curbs and stacks are not customized, nor are scuppers and parapets.
  • Most installations charge for extended warranties because there is little or no coverage for damage from standing water or consequential damage.
Give some thought to a pre-fabricated single-ply system, custom-manufactured for your location under factory-controlled conditions. It eliminates on-site installation failures, especially around edges, curbs, and drains. With installation time significantly reduced, business operations are not interrupted. Architects and engineers can plan on panel sizes, shapes, and colors. Durable, energy efficient code compliant, and warranteed,  the expense makes great sense to any cost-conscious business d ecision-makers.

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Request a free roof evaluation for your commercial building
Request a free roof evaluation for your commercial building