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Louisville Duro-Last Roofing Buyers Guide

Tue, Jun 2, 2015 @ 07:00 AM | Perry

Duro Last manufactures the most comprehensive line of commercial roofing products on the market today. Better Understanding how and why to use the parts and pieces of the roofing system will mean you get the most for you money during your next flat roof repair or replacement project. 


1. Upgrade the membrane thickness without upgrading the price 

Air_Quality_New_Flat_RoofThe Duro Last roofing membrane is sold to a network of factory authorized roofing contractors in several different thicknesses. The PVC membrane starts off at .40 mil but can be upgraded to a .50, .60, and even and .80 mils of thickness. The least expensive and most common Duro Last roof installed in Louisville is the .40. It is rated for a 15 year service life. The 50, 60, and 80 are all rated to last 20 years plus. 

Ask your Louisville Duro Last roofing contractor about upgrading your membrane thickness to a 50 mil but not upgrading to the 20 year warranty. The product cost difference between the 40 mil and 50 mil is pennies on the dollar with most of the increases in cost resulting from the additional warranty charges. By only upgrading the membrane thickness and not the warranty you get the original 15 year warranty with the  advantages of the 20 year product only without the 20 year cost.



2. Going up and over walls 

The Duro Last roofing specifications require that the wall flashings be terminated at least 8” inches above the flat roof surface and this detail is warrantable and correct. However the roofing warranty stops where the membrane stops so by taking the Duro Last membrane up and over the walls not only do you eliminate the chance for any leaks in the wall itself or leaks in the wall cap in the future, you extend your roofing warranty to include the walls on your building. 


3. Save the Tear off and Save Money 


Duro Last is designed and engineered to recover other types of flat and low slope roofing materials including metal roofing.  At just 1/4 pound per sq. ft. having Duro Last installed over top of your existing flat roof not only saves the mess and disruption of a tear off but it also saves the labor and disposal cost of a roof tear off. 

Even if you are planning on replacing your flat roof in the near future do your best to keep it leak free. The only situation in which Duro Last cannot be used to recover an existing roof is if the existing roofing is saturated with moisture. Save up to 50% on your next flat roofing project by keeping the existing roof dry until it can be recovered with a Duro Last roofing system. 



4. Take advantage of the trims 

Duro Last fabricates a great line of trims including full coping caps, money saving half copings, and many types of drip edges. The edge trims can be 35 different colors of metal to match almost any building facade or they can be vinyl. Take advantage of the accompanying trims to dress up your building. The trims are inexpensive, easy to install, look great, and help protect your building around the edges and on top of walls. 


dlcommercial15yearwarranty-resized-6005. Understand the Duro Last Warranty

The Duro Last warranty is issued to a certified roofing contractor after the flat roof successfully passes a third party inspection. Duro Last offers building owners the most comprehensive warranty available in the roofing market but it doesn't cover everything like damage caused by HVAC repairmen or from acts of God like large hail or falling tree limbs. Take the time to learn about what the warranty covers, what it doesn't cover, and how to care for your Duro Last roof.