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How to Repair a EPDM Rubber Roof

Fri, Oct 3, 2014 @ 03:08 PM | Exterior Pro Roofing

EPDM Rubber Roofs can be easily repaired with the right material and some know how. Follow the steps below to make quality and lastly repairs to your rubber roof.

rubber_roof_repairHere are the following items you will need:


  1. Rubber Roof Cleaner Splice Wash
  2. Rubber Roof Primer
  3. Rubber Roof uncured peel & stick flashing
  4. Rubber Roofing Lap sealant


  1. Safety glasses
  2. Rubber gloves
  3. Clean cotton rags or towel
  4. small bucket
  5. Roller
  6. Brush to apply primer

Step 1

Thoroughly clean the area to be repaired. Begin by sweeping up dirt and other debris. If the roof is ballasted, move the rock away from the area carefully so not to make any punctures or tears in the rubber material. Once area is free of any debris or dirt, use the rubber roofing splice wash or approved rubber roofing cleaner with cotton rags or sponge to whip down area. Allow 1-30 minutes for the cleaner to completely dry.


Step 2 

Apply the rubber roofing primer to area that is to receive the patch. Use the brush to apply the primer. You don’t want to apply so much that the primer puddles but you do want the area completely covered. The rubber roofing will turn dark black when covered with the primer. While the rubber roof primer is drying the primer will brome tacky to apply the patch; cut the patch for the size that you need while the primer dries. 

Step 3

rubber_roof_repair_peel_and_stickOnce the rubber primer is tacky, peel the paper backing from the peel & stick flashing and apply it to the primed rubber roofing surface. To do this take half the backing and place that half onto the EPDM rubber, then take the remaining backing off and apply the rest. Take the roller with firm pressure to press the uncured flashing onto the roof. Taking out any bubbles or ripples.

Step 4

Once the uncured flashing is applied to the EPDM rubber, cover the edge of the flashing with a thick bead of rubber roofing lap sealant. 

As you just learned, it is fairly straight forward and easy to repair a Rubber Roof. What’s not always so easy is to be sure that you have found the leak and are patching the right area. For more information on how to find leaks on a EPDM Rubber Roof, read How To Inspect Your EPDM Rubber Roof.

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