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Best Sealant For Metal Roof Leak

Sat, Sep 12, 2020 @ 09:27 PM | Perry

In most cases, the best metal roof repair product isn't a product at all, it’s the knowledge and skill to identify what’s leaking and to determine if and how the metal roof can be repaired. That being said, once you find the leaks an equally import part of the metal roof repair process is using the right sealant to stop the metal roof leak. Using the wrong sealant or caulking on a metal roof can lead to adhesion problems,  flexibly problems, or both and probably wont stop the leak even if you found the sources of the water infiltration.

In this article we’ll look at 3 recommended metal roof sealants you can count on to get the job done.

Metal roof sealant 1. Titebond Metal Roof Sealant

Titebond is a great metal roof sealant we use on metal roof repair jobs and also our new metal roof installs. Titebond has great adhesion to both Kynar painted metal roofing and gal-velum and it stays flexible so it holds a weather tight bond to the metal roof through expansion/ contraction cycles. It has good consistency even in cold weather and we find it sticks well to  damp and dirty surfaces making Titebond a great metal roof sealant to carry on a service truck.


2. Nova Flex Metal Roof Sealant

Roof sealant for metal roofNova flex is another great sealant for metal roof leaks. Nova flex is comparable to Titebond and shares many of the same attributes and qualities. However when it comes to sealing gutters we consider nova flex to be the better option. Its very hard to beat the flowable Nova flex gutter sealant. We stock this product for use in both our residential and commercial guttering jobs. This sealant is not as thick as regular metal roof sealant so it moves and spreads out in joints between metal pieces creating a consistent watertight gasket. We also use the gutter sealant to top caulk joints between metal guttering pieces. We routinely use nova flex gutter sealant  on aluminum, Kynar painted metal, and copper with great success.


Tip - Make sure to rivet your trims and joints together immediately after applying the metal roof sealants,  if you allow the sealant to dry then try to rivet it together you’ll have a very hard time closing the joint and making a water tight seal.

3.  Good Old-Fashioned Butyl Tape

Butyl TapeButyl tape is a tried and true metal roof sealant. Butyl tape is most often used to create a gasket between pieces of metal trims. We use it religiously on offset cleat, Z , and closure. Butyl tape is superior in this application because it is sticky and helps hold the metal trims in place while you screw them down. Metal roof sealant or caulking on the back of a piece of closure or Z will have your piece of metal trim sliding all over the place making a mess while you attempt to screw it down.

Where To Buy The Best Sealants For Metal Roof Leaks?

All three of these metal roof sealants are common and easy to find. McElroy Metal has service centers located in most states if you are a brick and mortar type person and AMSI supply has fast shipping from their location in Georgia and are just a phone call or click away.

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