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Why is Duro Last Roofing So Popular in Louisville?

Wed, Jun 3, 2015 @ 07:00 AM | Perry

Louisville covers more of it’s building’s flat roofs with the Duro Last commercial roofing system than any other city in Kentucky. 

Five reasons why Louisville building owners and facility managers choose Duro Last over other flat roofing systems to keep their building leak free.


1. Duro Last can offer cost savings without sacrificing Value 

rubber roof_layoverFlat roof repair isn't all about price in Louisville but price is a big factor when building owners choose a roofing contractor. Certified Duro Last contractors can install the PVC membrane over top of other type of roofing which can reduce re-roofing cost by up to 50%. Recovering or laying over the existing roof not only saves the labor and disposal costs associated with a roof tear off but it save the hassle, mess, and building disruption or even closure. 

Another major cost associated with a flat roof repair/ replacement project is the roof insulation. By laying over top of your existing flat roof you not only save the existing roof insulation but you can spend your money adding more insulation as opposed to only replacing what was torn out and thrown away. 


2. Watertight Flashings

Duro last excels where other roofing manufactures struggle, around flashings and curbs. 


Made to fit flashings that come in 1/4 increments are ordered to the correct size and height to fit each and every roof penetration.  Flashings for Pipes, HVAC curbs, Drains, Scuppers, and Pitch pans are all fabricated in the factory so Louisville roofing contractors don't have to create them in the field. This Pre-fabrication of flashings not only improves quality and reduces leaks around critical areas but also saves the Duro Last roofing contractor's time in the field. 

3. Its business as usual during the installation Process 


Certified Louisville area Duro Last roofing contractors are able to repair or replace a flat roof all while keeping the facility, business or organization up and running. Louisville building and business owners don’t have time for “down time” and Duro Last contractors in Louisville understand that. Duro Last installs without dangerous chemicals or open flames and not tearing off the existing roofing means that the building is only minimally exposed to the elements. 


4.  Flat roofing material that holds up 

Jet engine fuel and exhaust can cause many flat roofing materials to degrade prematurely and Louisville flat roofs are no exception. Heavy air traffic from the Louisville international airport along with UPS hub means flat roofs in Louisville collect jet engine byproducts on a regular basis. Duro Last is a PVC membrane and can withstand the constant exposure to jet engine byproducts in the air in and around the city along with animal fats and grease found on restaurants, and chemical found in fertilizers and other manufacturing by products. Simply put Duro last membranes perform well in the Louisville atmosphere.


5.  Each job get inspected for quality control 

Louisville building owners and property managers often wear many hats in their businesses and don't have time to become roofing experts but with Duro Last they don't have to be. Only qualified commercial roofing contractors are eligible to become certified Duro Last dealers/ Installers but even with top notch installers Duro Last requires that each and every job gets inspected for quality assurance.


A Louisville based Quality assurance rep from Duro Last ensures that all the field seams,  installation specs, and flashings are water tight and installed correctly before issuing the manufactures warranty. Louisville building owners have come to rely on Duro Last quality assurance inspectors to be their eyes on the roof. 

As more and more Louisville business owners learn about the Duro Last commercial roofing system and it’s network of Certified roofing contractors the popularity of the flat roofing product will continue to rise. 


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