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What is the Rhinobond System?

Fri, Oct 6, 2017 @ 01:54 PM | Perry

       The Rhinobond has become popular because of its value to building owners offering them the performance and longevity of traditional glue down roof but with all the cost savings of a screw down or mechanically attached roof.

Flat Roof Rhinobond Prep-CircleK.jpg

Rhinobonding is one of the three basic ways to install flat roofing membranes on a building, the other two options are to glue the rubberized roofing down with adhesives (fully adhered) or screw the membrane down with large screws and plates (mechanically attached). Rhinobond is unique because it utilizes induction welding technology to attach the roofing membrane to large plates secured by screws strategically placed across the flat roofing surface. 

Induction, the technology used in the Rhinobond roofing system, is very similar to what you will find in an induction cook top. It is an extremely quick and efficient way to heat metal. The Rhinobond tool uses induction to quick heat up the metal washer or plate and permanently fuse it the bottom side of the roofing material and there by attaching the roofing membrane to the building.

This process is done by placing the Rhinobond tool on top of the membrane directly over one of the screws and large plate. The tool is activated and within just 5 seconds it heats the plate to approximately 500 degrees. After the plate is heated the Rhinobond tool is removed and a heat seeking magnet is placed onto the metal plate.

Flat Roof Repair Rhinobond-Bluegrass.jpgCommercial Flat Roof Rhinobond-Greencastle.jpg

The magnet ensures that the membrane is held down to the heated plate and helps pull the heat up through and out of the top of the magnet. This process is repeated until all of the screws and plates previously installed have been induction welded to the bottom of the roofing membrane. 

The Rhinobond system is a simple yet highly effective way to install a flat roof system both in terms of cost savings and roof performance.


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