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What is Duro-Last Roofing?

Tue, Nov 11, 2014 @ 09:05 AM | Perry

What is Duro-Last Roofing?


Duro-Last is a rubberized roofing membrane designed for use in commercial , industrial, and residential roofing applications. The membrane is formed by laminating scrim ( threads for re enforcement) between two layers of PVC or poly vinyl chloride. The result is a tough and durable flat roofing membrane that when installed correctly, will keep a building or structure water tight for either 15,  20, or 25 years. 


Where is Duro-Last Used ?

Duro-Last is a very versatile product and preforms well in variety of commercial settings such as restaurants, commercial buildings and shopping centers, schools, and hospitals.  DL is usually installed on roofs that are low slope with very little pitch or completely flat. It  is used in new construction but more commonly used in re-roofing projects because of the lay over technology that  drastically cuts cost of the new roof and speeds the installation time. Duro-Last can also be installed over top of buildings with metal roofs as an alternative to a metal roof coating. 


Membrane Thickness and warranties 

Duro-Last is sold to its group of certified dealers/installers by sq. ft and the price per sq. ft.  is determined by the thickness or mil of the membrane. The most common mil or thickness of is 40 mil but the membrane also comes in a 50 mil , 60 mil, and 80 mil. The price increases with the mil or thickness not only because it’s more material but also because the warranties correspond to the thickness of the roofing membrane being installed. 40 mil Membrane comes standard with a 15 year warranty but 50 and 60 mil come with a 20 year guaranty.  Flat roofing projects that require a 25 year warranty must use the 80 mil membrane and meet additional manufacture specs before the warranty will be issued.

Pre - Fabrication 

Duro-Last is unique in the roofing world because it uses pre fabricated sheets of roofing ordered to fit  specific roof designs as opposed to using rolls of material that have to be assemble by the roofing crew onthe job site. Duro-Last  Roofing Contractors order material to “fit” each job and thereby reduce the amount of waste on a roofing project as well as the amount of field seams.

Pre-fabricated or factory fabricated seams reduce the field seams done by a roofing crew by up to 85% . The idea being less seams = less potential leaks. 

The accessories that accompany a roofing project like curb flashing, stack flashing, pitch pans, air vents,and drains  are also pre-fabricated by Duro-Last. 


White Roofing 

The most common Duro-Last roofing color installed across the united state is white because of it’s ability to reflect 98% of the sun’s rays. The white rubberized membranes are between 50 and 80 degrees cooler than dark or black rubberized roofing membranes. DL roofing can also be purchased in light gray, tan, a shingle print, and a rock print. IMG_5767

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