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Tips for Maximizing the Value of Metal Roofs on Commercial Buildings

Mon, Feb 2, 2015 @ 01:14 PM | Perry

Metal roof repair can be costly and the use of metal roof coatings is just one way to extend the life of your commercial building. Whether your building is new or been around for a long time, now is a good time to consider a regular maintenance program to avoid costly repairs or replacement later.

Building owners and facilities managers should consider a regular inspection and cleaning of a commercial roof. Keeping a metal roof clean, free of debris and regular inspection for damage are good ways to extend the life of the roof and ultimately the life of the building itself.

Inspection to Avoid Metal Roof Repair

Because roofs are constantly under stress and exposed to the elements, regular inspection is critical. Wind, rain, hail, sleet, snow, and storms cause damage to roofs. Some receive heavy foot and even vehicle traffic while others suffer from neglect. Timely roof inspection and maintenance can prevent premature aging, avoid costly repairs, and extend the life of one of your most important assets – your building and all of its contents.

Flat Metal RoofRoof inspections should include checking for visible damage, discoloration around seams and joints, contaminants, insect and varmint penetration, water leakage, debris build up, faulty seams and more. Inspect your roof for potential metal roof repair at least every season and more often in areas where more damage may occur from weather related incidents.

Fixing problems early can save lots of money later. Metal roof coatings are a good way to avoid further damage. They are easily applied, come in multiple colors and can improve the appearance of a commercial building.

Cleaning Strategies for Metal Roofs

Steam cleaning and pressure washing are the best ways to clean metal roofs. Depending on the life of the roof and the amount of wear and tear it receives, it is a good idea to use one of these techniques annually. Cleaning maximizes solar resistance and improves the appearance of the roof. It also extends the life of the roof.

Use of Metal Roof Coatings to Extend Lifetime of Commercial Roofs

metal_roof_inspectionMost metal roofs have factory-applied coatings that degrade over time. As the metal roof ages, it is advisable to consider metal roof coatings to extend the life of the roof.

There are so many options available for metal roof coatings that it can often be bewildering. According to the Cool Roof Rating Council, there are over 1000 different metal roof coatings available from over 100 manufacturers.

Options for maximizing the value of your metal roof with metal roof coatings including waterborne acrylic, solvent-borne aluminum, rubberized aluminum, solvent-borne styrene-ethylene butylene styrene (SBS), polyurethane and more. There are also urethane and polyurethane coatings available that provide more strength than other types of coatings.

Before applying the actual coating, workers apply a primer to ensure the coating adheres properly.

Regular inspection, cleaning and coating of a roof can easily extend the life of a roofing system and by default, protect your investment, the contents of buildings, and all its residents. Inspect the roof at least once every season and more often in areas where there are more weather related incidents and high traffic on the roof.