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Signs That It's Time to Replace a Shingle Roof

Sat, Jul 9, 2016 @ 05:00 PM | Writer

Shingle roofs do not last forever, and there are many problems that warrant a complete replacement instead of repairs. When has the damage gone beyond repairs to the need for a new roof? These are signs that signify when the time is right to replace the roof for a stronger and more visually appealing building.

Age of the Roof

Knowing a roof needs replacement is not always about visual cues. The age of the roof is an important signal that the shingle roof may need replacing. When the roof has passed the 20-year mark, and especially when it has passed 25 years, it’s time to have an inspection to see if the roof is still performing its necessary job. It increases the likelihood that a new roof is needed at this age when the current roof was put into place over other layers of roofing. Nonetheless, shingle roofs won’t always last for 20 years, so it’s a smart idea to check for visual signs of problems on a younger roof, which can be done with a professional inspection, or the building manager or homeowner can check by using binoculars or going on the roof. 

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Interior Problems

It’s possible to find certain roof problems from the inside of the house. Extensive leaks on the ceiling indicate a roof problem that could warrant replacement, and there are various signs to look for in the attic as well. When the sun is shining, check within the attic for small pieces of light shining through around the stack vent and under the chimney. This signifies that the flashing is not effective and the roof could have additional problems. Also from the attic, it’s possible to see water stains, wet spots, moist insulation or soft areas underneath the roof sheathing – when these problems become prevalent, a new roof is most likely needed. 

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Exterior Problems

Certain visual cues that show themselves on the outside of the roofing shingles generally signal when the roof needs a full replacement. Check for buckling or curling roof shingles, cracked shingles, missing granules or shingles, and missing or damaged shingles in the roof valleys. Granules sitting in the gutters and discoloration throughout the roof are ways to tell when granules are missing. These are all major warning signs that the roof has serious damage that could be beyond repair.

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It could also indicate a problem if there is corrosion, nails showing themselves or a loose flashing. In addition, check for problems in the various structures of the roof, including the dormer roof vent flashing and plumbing vent pipe flashing. Often, when the chimney flashing is made of tar or cement, it most likely should be replaced with a metal flashing system that lasts longer and keeps out water. Further, if the roof gives a little when walked on or shows visual signs of sagging, these cues indicates a serious problem in the decking or supports. 

Check for these various signs on the interior and exterior to see if the building might need a new roof either right away or in the near future. A shingles roofing inspection can then confirm whether the problem is extensive enough to warrant a roof replacement.

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