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Roof Repair Charge vs Free Estimate - What's the difference?

Thu, Mar 19, 2015 @ 10:51 AM | Perry

Understand the 3 major differences between a service call to repair a roof leak and a free estimate to repair or replace your roof.

Read this article to know how to determine what type of roofing service you should ask for.

1. Salesperson or Repairman - Who gets sent out

roof repair service

In most established roofing companies the free estimates are created by an outside salesperson. Thier role in the company is to look at roofing projects nd repairs, define a scope of work and then calculate an estimated cost to complete roofing work based on labor, material, and company overhead and profit. Once the price for the project or repair is complete they schedule an appointment and present the proposded scope of work along with the free estimated cost to perform the work. If the customer would like to move forward with the repairs, the salesperson then creates a work order and schedules the appropriate crew.

Hands on roofing work and repairs are performed by roof repair techs. Their role in the company is to diagnose and fix leaking roofs.

They start by inspecting the leak or leaks in the building, then go to the roof and find where the water is coming in. The roof tech then determines what repair method is most likely to stop the leak and then they perform the flat roof repairs on the spot with stock materials from their truck.

Both of these folks are equally important but they have very different roles in the roofing company. Avoid frustration by managing your expectations of each.

2. The time it takes to process your call

If you have a roof leak that needs to be repaired sooner as opposed to later, your best bet is to have the roof repairman or service tech come out instead of a salesperson.

Sales staff or estimators will require more time than a roof repair tech to get the leak stopped. Most of the time the quickest way to get a roof leak stopped is by having a roof repairman come out with the necessary tools and material to fix the leak on the spot.

3. Price Shopping vs Roof Fixing

The third major difference between a roof repair service call vs a free estimate to repair a roof is that you do not have to accept the estimate to repair your roof. If you do not accept the estimate you would not be charged and could choose another roofing company to perform work. But with a roof service call you are accepting the fact that you are buying a repair service from said roofing company. If the roof repairman goes to your home or business you can expect to be charged.

4. Protect yourself by setting a Not to Exceed Limit

If your roof has developed a leak that needs immediate attention it doesn't mean that you have to hand a blank check to a roof repairman. Ask the roofing company how much their average roof repair charge is and set a not to exceed limit with them before they send out the roof repair tech. If the roof repairs will exceed the predetermined limit you discussed and set with them before the repairman visits your property, they are to call you and get your approval before proceeding. This way you can get soemone out to repair your roof as quickly as possible without leaving yourself open to exorbitant repair charges.