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Reasons & Observations for Shingle Roof Replacement

Sat, Jun 9, 2018 @ 05:46 PM | Cutshall

Almost every residential homeowner at some point during their lifetime will be met with a question that can be confusing or difficult to answer with full confidence:

“What am I going do with this roof?”

This question usually arises after a series of storms pass through, after the first winter in your new home, or even after you first buy an home. If you are looking for help answering this question, or are curious to what your next step should be look no further! Exterior Pro Roofing is here to provide a new series of blogs that will be full of helpful tips and guides to analyzing your shingle roof and what signs to look for!

2 Big Reasons to Look into Repairing your Shingle Roof:

- Apparent Damage/Lack of Functionality

- Rooftop Appearance

Apparent Damage

A roofs functionality is to provide you and your home with water-protection throughout all seasons! If you notice any damaged, missing, or even worn-down shingles, this functionality could be compromised and we recommend you look for shingle replacements or even a full repair depending on how much damage is apparent!

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Even if you have yet to notice any internal water damage, these signs indicate a higher risk of potential water damage.

Rooftop Appearance

Look, we understand. Sometimes after years of wear-and-tear and even replacing small groups of damaged shingles, your shingle roof can look a bit mismatched and may not blend right with your home’s exterior. This situation happens!

Shingle Roof Repair Dimensional Shingles v2-Clifty-749095-edited-864236-edited


moss_covered_shingled_flat_roofSometimes,based on your home’s location, Algae & moss will begin growing among your shingles, gradually lifting the shingles apart and even leaving them stained!





If you notice either one of these situations occurring on your rooftop, it may be time to look at shingle options based on the level of extremity!


While shingle damage and mismatched appearance are two common signs when it comes to shingle roof repair, there are a few more reasons and observations that we will cover in blogs soon to come!

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