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Metal Roof Repair- Metal Over Metal Recovery Systems Explained

Wed, Apr 6, 2016 @ 08:30 AM | Perry

Retrofitting old existing metal roofs with new standing seam metal roofing is quickly becoming one of the best metal roof repair options on the market. Not only does the new metal roofing stop leaks, the lay over or recovery system eliminates the need for a tear off saving the cost, mess, and building disruption of removing old metal and insulation. 

How does a Metal over Metal Recovery system Work?

We’ll I’m glad you asked, new metal roofing is usually installed over existing metal roofing in one of three ways. 

  1. Using a high clip in conjunction with a new  standing seam panel 
  2. Using sub purling called Roof Hugger to attach new metal roofing to 
  3. Installing a new metal roofing panel directly over the existing metal 

High Clip System

The high clip system works with a standing seam metal roofing panel by elevating the new metal roofing over top of the existing roof. The Clips are specially designed to provide the necessary clearance and are installed over the purling of the metal building. Insulation may be used in-between the old and new metal or the cavity may be vented to allow air flow. Major metal roofing manufactures like  McElroy and MBCI both offer high clips systems for several of their standing seam roofing panels.

Metal_Roof_high_clip_repair.jpg High_clip_metal_repairs.jpg

High_Clip_metal_roof_repair.jpg Metal_Roof_Repair_with_High_Clip.jpg



Roof Hugger system

The Roof Hugger metal roof overlay system is sub-purling usually made from 16 gauge steel in 10-12 Ft lengths. They are notched to fit over top of your existing metal roofing profile and are installed directly on the existing purling. Insulation may be used over the roof hugger to add insulation to a building but the cavity can also be left open. New metal roofing panels can then be installed onto the new roof hugger-sub purling. One benefit of a roof hugger system if that you don't necessarily have to go back with a standing seam roof panel, the roof hugger will also take screws such as R-panel or other types of screw down metal roofing although standing seam metal is preferable. 

Roof_hugger_metal_repair.jpg Roof_Hugger_metal_roof_repair.jpg

Roof_hugger_metal_roof_repair_with_metal_over_metal.jpg Etal_Roof_Repair__With_Roof_Hugger.jpg



Metal on Metal Lay Over 

The least expensive way to do a metal over metal recover is to installed the new panel directly over top of the existing metal without any high clips or roof hugger then fasten the new metal down through the old into to existing purling. This types of metal roof overlay uses a screw down metal roofing panel such as an R-panel or PBR panel and does not have the option of adding insulation. 

Recovering your existing metal roof with new a  metal roof is a simple and lower cost metal roof repair alternative to removing old metal and insulation and replacing it. 

Curious about which option may be a fit for your metal roof repair and how much it might cost?

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