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Metal Roof Repair in Indiana: Options and Cost

Mon, Apr 13, 2015 @ 09:55 AM | Perry

Metal roofing is widely popular in Indiana and for good reason. It's low maintenance, stands up to hail and high wind and can last for a very long time if installed correctly. But metal roofs don't last forever. Once your metal roof has reached the end of its service life, it can be tough to understand all of the metal roofing repair options on the market today.

Here are some common metal roofing repair options in Indiana.

1. Replace metal roofing with metal roofing.

Metal-RoofReplacing a leaking metal roof with a new metal roof may be your best option in terms of cost, functionality and appearance but it will depend on several factors. Replacing steeper slope metal roofs that are installed over a solid substrate can be much easier, less expensive, and less disruptive than replacing a low slope metal roof over steel struts with bag style insulation. Also the type of metal currently on your home or building will make a difference on the cost and difficulty level of the metal roof repair job. Metal roofs that have been screwed down and removed much faster by simply removing the screws than metal roofs that are mechanically seamed and have to be cut out.

Removing a leaky metal roof and replacing it with new metal roofing will often be one of the more expensive metal roof repair options.

2. Lay over your metal roof.

Metal_roof_repair_retrofitA great way to repair a metal roof is to install a PVC membrane over the top of the existing metal. Insulation is cut to fit between the ribs of the metal profile and then a ridge recovery board is used to flatten out the surface. Finally a PVC membrane is used to cover the old metal roofing. This option is great for lower pitched metal roofs and can save building owners 50% on the metal roof repair cost vs replacing metal roofing with metal roofing. The PVC lay over last either 15 or 20 years and is an long term metal roof repair option. However very steep metal roofs are not usually good candidates for a PVC membrane lay over. 

3. Install a metal roof coating.

Metal_Roof_Coatings5Metal roof coatings can be a good way to eliminate leaks on a metal roof and extend the roofs life. However, the right metal roof coating has to be used and installed correctly. For steeper slope metal roofs that are visible and where color is important, an acrylic based coating is usually best but the drying times are slower and clear, warm weather is needed for the application. For lower pitched metal roofs a polyurethane based coating is suggested along with a treatment of the seams and screw heads. For very low slope metal, a one step coating can be used for a single heavy application.

Metal roof coatings tend to be much less expensive than replacing metal with metal but are only slightly less expensive if any than a PVC lay over. The lay over includes added insulation to the building. Metal roofs that have developed rust will need to have a rust inhibiting primer installed before the coating goes down. Rust can and will continue to form under the coating if not sealed off.

4. Caulking or sealing the leaks only.

Metal-Roof-CoatingTrying to caulk or seal only the leaking spots can work if you or your roofing contractor uses the correct type of caulking or sealant and knows where to put it. Understanding why the metal roofing is leaking can often be difficult but once you know where the leak is coming in you can seal it up relatively easily.

Spot sealing with caulking or metal roof sealant will definitely be the least expensive of all metal roof repair options in Indiana but also the most short time fix. Metal roofs go through a daily expansion, contraction cycle that creates movement. The metal roof sealant used must have high rate of flexibility than the rate of movement of the metal roof if it is to last any amount of time. Sealants that do not flex with the movement in the metal roofing quickly break free and loose their seal.

Not sure what option is best for your home or building's metal roof? We will be glad to help you better understand your options click here to invite out a metal roof repair pro.