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Metal Roof Repair - PVC Metal Roof Recover System

Mon, Apr 4, 2016 @ 08:00 AM | Perry

Don’t replace your leaking metal roof, Re-cover it! 

Metal roof repair made simple with a metal roof recover system by Exterior Pro. 

A metal roof recover is a effective, long term way to eliminate leaks on aging metal roofs. The system’s simple design keeps installation cost low and building disruption to a minimum. 

Here’s How it works:

Step one: Measure the existing metal roof’s profile such as width and height of rib. Next, cut insulation to fit flat in the pan of the metal roof panel and to be flush with the height of the rib. Then, lay the pieces of cut insulation into the pan of the metal and secure as needed to stay in place. 

Metal_Roof_Repair_Insulation.jpg Metal_Roof_Repair_with_recover_membrane.jpg









Step two: Install an additional layer of insulation to flatten out the entire surface and to add R value to the building. This layer of insulation is a minimum 1/2 thick but can be up to several inches depending on desired R Value. The Thicker the roof insulation the more insulate value or resistance to heat flow   ( R-value) it has. 

Flat_metal_roof_repairs.jpg Flat_metal_roof_repair.jpg 


Step three: Recover the surface with a new PVC membrane. The rubberized membrane is re-enforced by woven threads between layers of the PVC called scrim. Because the membrane is so tough, it can be installed by using screws with large washers called plates.  This method  of roof installation is  know as” mechanically attached “. Because the mechanically fastened method of attachment doesn't rely on glue, the metal roof recover system  can be installed much faster, much less expensive, and in a wider temperature range than more traditional glue down style roofing often associate with membranes or rubberized roofing products. 



Step Four: Once the membrane has been rolled out  the custom flashing are then installed and the seams and flashings are seamed together using hot air welding. Drain boots, pipe flashing and HVAC flashing are all hot air welded in the same manner as the seams between the sheet of roofing membrane. At a temperature be 250 and 300 degree the PVC membrane briefly turns from a solid into a liquid and the two pieces of membrane blend together and cool returning back into a solid only this time the two membrane are permanently fused together. 

flat roof repair welding.jpg DRC-Stacktight3.jpg


Step Five: Last but not least in step five 2 way air vent are installed into the new PVC roof so that the roof system can breath and vent moisture migrating up from inside the building. This is a very important part of the over all functioning of the Metal roof recover By Exterior Pro.

Metal_roof_repair_air_vets.jpg Metal_roof_repair_air_vents.jpg

A Metal Roof Recovery by Exterior Pro not only saves a building owner time, money, and disruption, they come with a twenty year non prorated warranty that covers workmanship and material failure! 



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