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Flat Roof Repair - Managing a Tear Off

Mon, Apr 25, 2016 @ 07:00 AM | Perry

Tearing off a flat roof is a job now, and anybody that tells you different obviously hasn't done it. But your job here is ensure that the repair project moves along as smooth as possible staying on time and budget. Successful flat roof repair projects don't just happen, they’re planned and then the plan is executed correctly. 

Here are 5 no nonsense flat roof repair project management tips: 

1. Just In Time

I am very much a fan of “just in time” manufacturing processes and material handling but not when it comes to a flat roof tear off. Make sure all the necessary flat roofing material is on site and ready before the flat roof is removed. You don’t want any hang ups once the roof is exposed. This may even include wood or metal decking to be on site especially if you believe you could run into some rot. Allow space for material staging at your facility whether on the ground of up on the roof. 

Roofing material_staging_on_the_roof.jpgroof material_Staging_on_the_Ground.jpg

2. Know Your Limits 

Each flat roof company is a little different, their staff is a different mix of guys, and will have different production capabilities. Make sure you discuss this with the project manager and find out what size of an area they plan on removing each day. Ensure that they are able to replace that amount of flat roofing material they remove each day so that the building and it contents are not exposed to rain or snow. 

3. Water Tight Tie In 

Along the same lines of knowing your limits, try to figure our where the days production will end and make sure that it doesn't end over top of a crucial area of your facility. During a flat roof repair job that involves a tear off, a tie in will be made each day connecting the old roofing with the new. Sometimes these tie ins are tricky and could be a problem during a heavy rain event. Talking with your flat roofers about where not to make a nightly tie in may save you if storm clouds move in. 

4. Give Your Folks Access 

Removing the old flat roofing debris from the building will require space. It may mean closing a side walk or entry way to the building for a time. Try to let the roofing company have easy access to the site and dumpsters within close proximity to the building. It will greatly speed up the job and help keep the site cleaner. Work with the roofing company to figure where they need to place dumpster and balance that with your need to keep your operations flowing. 


5. Prep Your People 

Let your people know that roof work is coming up and that there may be more noise than usually or certain areas around the building may be blocked off from parking. When folks working inside the building are given a head ups notice about roof work they tend to react better. People like to know what’s going on around them and it’s very easy to let them know the plan. 

Link to Flat roof Repair Check list


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