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Exterior Pro Quality Control

Mon, Feb 19, 2018 @ 12:19 PM | Cutshall

No matter the job, we here at Exterior Pro Roofing always do out best to assure quality in our work. That’s why in this blog, we’re going to explain just a few of the many preparations, processes, and examinations we perform to provide you with the best roof we can!

Preparation Stage

1. Quality Materials

Whether it’s a customer’s residential home or an industrial factory building, we do our best to obtain the quality materials necessary for the job at hand. This can range from simply the proper screws, to patching/repair materials, all the way to the varieties of shingles, metal, and membrane!

  Finished_Left_Shot-Clegg.jpg  Flat Roof Recover Welding-Bluegrass.jpg

  Completed Shingle Roof Installation-IndianapolisRes-667945-edited.jpg

Not only do we order in Quality materials, but now Exterior Pro manifests its own standing seam metal panels with our newly acquired Roll-Former. Here is a short clip that provides a great example of what our machinery can do:


2. Quality EquipmentPVC_Metal_Roof_Repair_WalkerWelder-Decatur.jpg


As seen in the example above, another high priority for folks here at Exterior Pro Roofing is having the latest quick and effective equipment! Besides the new Roll-Former, we utilize other top-of-the-line products like the Rhino Bond Roofing System and the Walker-Welder, all of which improve accuracy, speed, and quality of the roofs we install or repair!



Application Stage

1. Safety

Once on site, it is very important to us that our men operate in safe conditions to not only protect them, but to be able to work more effectively so that the job can get done faster.

      Flat Roof Rhinobond Prep-Circle K.jpg  snow-ice_removal_flat_roof.jpg

Weather Conditions are a major factor in the daily cycle of our work here. During the warmer seasons, working in a storm is as impractical as it is dangerous for our men. Especially when working on either steep rooftops or when handling metal materials. In colder seasons, ice poses a major threat to safety as well. That’s why we are constantly adapting and scheduling around these conditions to not only work safely but effectively.

     Flat Roof Rhinobond Prep-CircleK.jpg  Commercial Guttering Installation-VSGF-686577-edited.jpg

Another important aspect of safety is the gear we provide to our workers. When the job requires it, we have hard hats, safety vests, and harnesses at the ready!


2. Installation Interludes/Temporary Protection

Flat Roof Repair Overview- EOC.jpg




If a surprise situation arises, and we are currently in the middle of a job, its important for us to find a temporary solution to protect your home or business through the means of temporarily patching or covering any unprotected areas.





Aftermath Stage

1. Proper Clean Up

Once we’ve finished installing or repairing a rooftop, our job isn’t finished until we’ve cleaned up our worksite properly. We make it a priority to clear all trash, debris, and unnecessary materials to provide a clean new look and to avoid injury.

Metal Roof Repair Overview Angle 2- Koehler Tire.jpg

2. Quality Inspection

Even after we finish a job, we have various quality inspectors come and make sure that our job was done properly to not only check to see if our job was done correctly, but to provide ease of mind knowing you hired the right folks for the job.




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