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Duro-Last Roofing Warranty Uncovered

Tue, Apr 7, 2015 @ 07:30 AM | Perry

Duro last roofing claims to be the “worlds best roof” backed by the roofing “industries Best Warranties.” In this article we’ll look at what the Duro-Last warranties cover, what they don’t cover, and is it worth it?


Our discussion will focus around the most popular Duro Last warranty, the 15 year NDL. This warranty is Duro Last’s base line commercial roofing warranty that comes standard and is included with no extra charge with its 40 mil roofing system. The NDL acronym is widely used in the roofing industry and stands for No Dollar Limit, it means that there is no limit to what could be covered 

What sets the Duro Last roofing warranty apart from every other commercial roofing manufactures is that the Duro Last warranty includes “Consequential Damages.” Consequential damages mean that if the their commercial roofing system should fail as a result of a manufactures defect in the membrane or accessories and the roof leaks cause damage to property inside the building it would be covered under warranty. For example if the Duro Last roof failed and water leaked onto a piece of equipment, machine, or computer inside the building and ruined it, under the consequential damages clause of the Duro Last roof warranty that property would be covered. Duro Last is the only roofing manufacture that offers consequential damages with it’s roof warranty.

Here’s how The Duro Last warranty works


1. A certified Duro Last roofing contractor installs the Duro Last commercial roofing system on a building and registers the roofing material to the property. 

2. The roofing project must be installed using only Duro Last roofing membranes and accessories like pipe flashings, curb flashings, terminations, caulking etc. 

3. After the roof is installed it must be inspected and graded by a Duro Last Quality Assurance Tech.

4. Once the roof passes inspection the Quality Assurance Tech issues the written warranty and the coverage begins including consequential damages.

So what’s Covered?

The Duro Last roofing warranty safe guards you against the roofing material failing before the full 15 years is over and it also guarantees that the Duro Last roofing contractor who installed the flat roof did so according to the Duro Last specifications. If a roof leak occurs as a result of either material failure or poor workmanship even the interior damage is covered. 

  • seams on roof checked and covered 
  • Underlayment and insulation checked and covered 
  • flashings including pipes, curbs, air vents covered 
  • metal Edge trims are covered
  • Scuppers and roof drains covered 
  • Terminations into guttering checked and covered 
  • Parapet wall flashing checked and covered
Duro Last flat_roof_hail_damage

So what’s not Covered?

The Duro Last warranty does not cover all roof leaks, it only covers those leaks that result from material failure or poor workmanship. Roof leaks and damage caused by a third party such as HVAC repairman, Heavy foot traffic, or acts of God like large Hail are not covered. It still remains the responsibility of the building owner to protect the roof against third party damage and unnecessary foot traffic.

  • Holes or punctures caused by people working on HVAC units or doing other types of rooftop maintenance
  • Cuts, tears ,or alterations to Duro Last roof made by non-authorized Duro Last Installer
  • Fracture or cracks in membrane from Large Hail 
  • Punctures by flying debris on roof

Is it worth it?

The Duro Last warranty may not protect your building from every possible thing that may go wrong on your roof and cause a leak but the Duro Last warranty is substantially better than any other roofing warranty on the market today. 

failed_roofing_caused_by_poor_workmanshipThe number one reason roofing systems fail is poor workmanship but the thorough inspection by the Duro Last quality assurance rep protects you against bad roof installations. Even if your roofing contractor retires or goes out of business, your roof is covered as long as it’s still under the warranty. If a problem does arise you won't have to wait months and months for a response. Duro Last employs the largest fleet of quality assurance tech reps of any roofing manufacture in the nation. There are 3-5 tech reps per state to handle inspections and warranty claims. 

No extra charge for the warranty 

Every commercial roofing project inspected 

Duro Last holds warranty and not the roofing contractor

Duro Last warranty claims handled by field based tech reps

Largest number of tech reps to service Duro Last customers. 

The peace of mind knowing that the roofing contractor who installed the roof did it correctly and that the roof will last the entire 15 years is in our opinion, definitely worth it.

Are you ready to join to group of business owners that rely on Duro Last roofing?

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