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Compare 138 T Standing Seam Metal Roofing Vs Traditional Standing Seam Metal

Sat, May 23, 2020 @ 07:00 AM | Perry

#1 Traditional standing seam metal roofing can last a lifetime but it's nearly impossible to repair or replace metal panels should they become damaged or if the building is added on to.

Standing seam metal easy to repair

Fixed - The 138 T standing seam can easily be repaired because it has two neutral sides joined by a seam cap. Simply remove the seam cap and then you have to ability to remove and replace individual metal panel as needed


#2 Traditional standing seam metal roof is great in short lengths but can fail on the seams in longer  length section of roofing

Metal Roof Repair-1

Fixed - The 138 T is roll formed on site and only comes full length from the eve to the ridge cap making it a seamless piece of metal roofing with nowhere to leak.


#3 Traditional standing seam metal  has been a more difficult type of roofing to install correctly. Which has made qualified sheet metal craftsman hard to find

Training on trims for standing seam metal roof

Fixed - The 138 T has a more standardized and easy to teach installation process and is a very forgiving and flexible metal roofing to install. The neutral design of the T shaped profile allows installers to start anywhere on the roof they need to and work out from there.


#4 Traditional standing seam metal and metal roofing in general has alway struggled to keep homes and buildings dry around chimneys, curbs, HVAC units and skylights. The lack of a standardized flashing process has left many structures with leaks.

Traverse panel on metal roof

Fixed - The 138 T revolutionized metal roof flashings around roof top obstacles by using travers panels. The Travers panel detail diverts water away from the curb or chimney and is without a doubt the best metal roof flashing method invented to date