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In Need of a Maintenance Plan for Your Commercial Flat Roof?

Thu, Aug 7, 2014 @ 05:02 PM | Exterior Pro Roofing

One expense that must be included in running a business is a maintenance plan for the roof. A over 90% of commercial buildings have a flat roof; and many of those roofs can be a large area that must be maintained. But can you just put anyone on the roof? Not really, you need to have someone that has knowledge of a flat roof and its components to be able to properly maintain the roof and perform whatever may be necessary.

Many businesses have a maintenance person on staff that can take care of in house services but are not knowledgable or qualified to work with flat roofs. Many of our blogs talk about how different flat roofs are and complex they can be for anyone that is unsure about flat roofing and having a maintenance contract with a professional roofing company can help to eliminate unnecessary costs or repeating repair costs just by having the roof inspected and serviced when needed by a professional that has a strong knowledge base for flat roofs. Roofs can be extremely costly for small businesses because they need a lower cost than buying a new roofing system. Some roof systems do not need to be replaced they just need servicing and the right person on the roof to come up with a solution that can be more than a temporary fix and save the building owner money. This may not always be a case, sometimes they do need replaced but just by having a maintenance contract can help to restore, maintain and service the current roofing system.

These are a few benefits of maintenance contract with a roofing company. A roof maintenance contract can pay for itself by protecting assets.

  • Increase life cycle by maintaining current roofing system

  • Minimizing downtime for replacing roof system, reduce repair costs

  • Maintain performance of the roof system

  • Preventing accidents or injuries, leaks

  • Reducing mold and mildew problems

  • Preventing energy loss and prevent insulation and decking damage from long leak exposure

Besides protecting interior, preventive roof system maintenance can also save by allowing roofs to be repaired or refurbished instead of replaced. Proper maintenance can help at least delay, costly roof system replacement because of a major leaking problem.

Why choose us

Our crew at Exterior Pro work considerably on commercial roofs and are trained in flat roofs.

When selecting a roof asset management specialist, there are several key things to look for:

1. Experience and good reputation; the more experience and training a professional has access to, the more accurate in projections of future events can be.

2. We can recommend more than one option or solution.

3. We can spot areas of concern that could be a problem later and recommend a course of action.

4. We offer different option for a maintenance contract that wil fit your needs.

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