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Fly By Night Roofing Or Licensed Roofing Co.

Fri, Aug 1, 2014 @ 04:44 PM | Exterior Pro Roofing

What is a fly by night roofing? This is what we call a so called roofing contractor that uses different tactics to get roof jobs and then is gone by the time the job is done and they are paid. We have heard many stories this year about roofs that are leaking badly or even one that did not even get the same color and/or brand because the contractor messed up. Why is that probably because they were a fly by night roofer that is not licensed, insured and probably doesn't even have experience. It is extremely important to make sure and check out the roofing contractors you have contacted for your roof. If not you will end up with a lot more cost of repairs or replacement shortly after you just spent a lot. Read some of our blogs that discuss things to watch for. 


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Another tip is to be leery where you search for a roofer, generally craigs list is not a very safe place to look since many scammers love to take advantage of that website. Get the background, check out the Better Business Bureau site, Angie's list, and ask around town. There are so many ways now to find a good roofing contractor just make sure to do your home work so you can get a roofing contractor that is a professional and cares about their work and reputation. You can always ask for references from the company too.