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Glued or Tarred Roofs or Hot Air Welded Roofs?

Mon, Jul 28, 2014 @ 03:59 PM | Exterior Pro Roofing

There are so many roofing systems today that are used for flat roofs. Which is the best? Every roofing contractors opinion will vary. Every region will have varying prices on systems so its hard to say what system is actually the best priced. Some have their favorite systems for many reasons like ease of installation, lower price, performance and so on. Here at Exterior Pro we have a roofing system we recommend more than others for flat roofing that meets all of the above. In the Southern Indiana region we feel that the system is best priced for the quality and performance this product has provided. One reason is this roofing system does not use glue/adhesives and does not use tar or asphalt to be applied, especially at the seams. The system we recommend for flat roofs is Duro-Last.mechanical fastened resized 600We have seen so many different flat roofs with many problems in leaks and a lot of these areas are the seams. Sometimes it can be the workmanship but the older roofing systems that still use the older application process of glue and tar, still do not last. Seams are the most likely areas leaks will occur because the outdated roofing systems still relying on the adhesives, tar and asphalt to provide the best performance when in fact there is a better technology to apply flat roofing systems that are lasting longer than 10 years. 

Hot Air Welded Seams


Duro-Last is the single-ply PVC membrane system that is mechanically attached and is hot air welded at the seams, most of which are done by the manufacturer. The seams are stronger and more durable because of the hot air weld process compared to overlapping the materials and glueing them. There are systems that are still being hot/cold mopped and torched. Within 5-10 years these seams are breaking because of weather conditions and temperature changes. Once the seams have begun to break, the leaks begin and can end up damaging the decking and the interior of the building. Then a tear off and new system must be applied. With the Duro-Last roofing system seams do not leak and the system can last 30 years. Plus older roofing systems like the Built Up roofs and Modified Bitumen can reach high temperatures causing a/c systems to run non stop. The Duro-Last system is a cool roof system helping to reduce damage from the weather conditions/high temperatures and cooling costs.

Sometimes these systems can probably be cheaper but do they last longer? Will it go 20+ years before needing repaired or even replaced? Doubt it. When you think about the crazy weather we get in Southern Indiana, you want a roofing system that is going to withstand the high winds that flat roofs must tolerate throughout the year onto of the constant temperature changes like how our summer has been thus far and the heavy snow and ice we get in the winter. Roofs can hold condensation and materials expand. Plus the system is mechanically attached which helps make the roofing system more durable to withstand the high winds. No pealing, breaking seams, adhesives and constant repairs. What system would you prefer? It is time to use the upgraded technology of roofing applications than to stay glued down to old processes that can start costing building owners more money.