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Severe Storms, Tornado Season and Your Roof

Wed, Jun 18, 2014 @ 04:17 PM | Exterior Pro Roofing

Because of the nature of tornados being unpredictable in developing and unless you are a meteorologist, the direct and how strong, there is no sure way to know whether your roof will remain intact or if you will even be in the line of sight. But you can make sure that your roof is in good shape and quality in case of a severe storm or tornado near you.

old slate roofOlder aged roofs and homes can be more at risk even in extreme winds alone, to keep intact. It is a good idea to inspect your roof or have it inspected by a roofing contractor since we are already in tornado season. In Southern Indiana we do not always see a major tornado but if you recall there have been some bad ones in the area so it is still good to check your roof and roof structure. Even if a tornado doesn’t hit your home, there is still the chance of damage since we get some strong winds and lightning storms in our area, not to mention the hail.

When the storms are in the area, your roof is your first shield and if there is any damage to the structure and other wood components to your roof, it is likely your roof will not last as hoped. Ensure there is not any rotten wood, broken, bent, or other damage already. If you do find damage, or your roof is older than 20 years, you should contact a contractor to get it fixed.

For commercial building owners you should also check the structure and decking as well as the roofing material you have. Especially if it is a metal roof as these not adequately fastened, it can become lifted in a tornado or even strong winds. Ensure there is no debris on your roof that can damage or puncture the roofing material. Also ensure of the workmanship being good. Even you have major rusting and corrosion, you should start looking into replacing your roof. Nothings worse than a roof that is barely a roof. If it cannot protect you from heavy snow or rains, then it is likely it will not withstand more damage or any major storms. 

tornado threat july


While we hope not to have a tornado in our area, we cannot control that plus we still have strong winds, hail and thunderstorms to worry about so if you have not already checked out the condition of your roof from the harsh winter, now is a good time to get it checked. If you inspect your roof yourself, make sure to use safety guidelines for using a ladder and climbing on the roof as well as walking around, especially on steep roofs. If you have a two story building or home and cannot access your roof contact a roofing contractor to help you inspect your roof.

The next time you go to replace your roof, it is good to research different materials that can withstand damages like strong winds, hail and sun damage better. You should be able to see this information on the labels and if not ask a roofing contractor or the company selling that product, they should be able to get the information to you.