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Beat the Heat and Get Cool Sooner

Tue, Jun 17, 2014 @ 02:40 PM | Exterior Pro Roofing

When we think of repairs or needing a new roof we generally think mostly about leaking problems and the harsh winters as a cause. Truth is though, that not only does sever weather, winds, hail and snow that can cause damage to roofs but the heat, especially when it gets really dry can cause damage to your roof also. So what do you do about it? Get a cool roof.

During the late spring months and summer months the sun rays are direct because the sun is closer to earth. Those direct rays heating your roof can cause damage. Shingled roofs can become brittle and crack, they can curl from the heat from both outside your home or building and from inside if there is not proper ventilation. 

Metal roofs contract and expand and even though they can reflect the UV rays, they can still hold heat, also if there is not proper ventilation the heat rising inside can keep the roof heated. The sun also causes metal to rust and become corroded. The older a metal roofs get and damaged, the worst they are to reflect the UV rays which means the more your energy bill will go up trying to cool the inside.

Think about homes cooling costs. For a 3-4 bedroom home the energy bill can be anywhere from 150-250 using a window or wall a/c unit. With a home the same size with central air usually are from 80-160 roughly. Now imagine how much a commercial building 5-10 times that size pay for cooling? While commercial buildings most likely have a much better cooling unit, it can still be costly during these hot and humid months. If the current roofing system is damaged in anyway or quite aged it is probably going to cost them much more. Not including that if there is little maintenance being done to the roof during these months, there could be problems with leaks by the time winter comes and goes. 

Duro Last Cool Roof

Now is the best time to have your roof inspected to ensure it is in proper condition. If your roof is damaged and you can see those cooling costs going up, its time to look into getting a cool roof. No matter what kind of roofing system you have, the dry heat can damage the materials and lead to problems down the road. To help have a cool building inside and a cool roof outside, call as today and ask about the roofing system we recommend for an energy saving and lower maintenance, Duro Last. There are other option for cool roofing systems but we have found that Duro Last white membrane roofing system has the best savings in both installation and afterwards in use. There are even tax benefits for installing a new Duro Last roof. Imagine a roof that can reflect 85% of the suns UV rays. Generally people hear cool roofs and think that it is more costly to get a cool roof system than replacing what roof system you already have. But actually you can save up to 50% installing a Duro Last roofing system. Check out our case studies page to see how happy customers are with their new Duro Last roof and see what they saved. Check out the picture above of a roof with two different roofing systems and see the difference the Duro Last roofing system can do for you.

The summer is not over yet and the dry spells with hot and humid days are coming soon. With the history of temperatures in Southern Indiana, many of you know how miserable it can be, especially with increased cooling costs. Don’t wait until the high temperatures come, beat the heat and get cool sooner. Call us today and ask about a roof inspection to see how your roofing systems condition is no matter what material it is and see what you can save installing a new cool Duro Last roof.