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Four Common Areas on Shingle Roofs That Can Have Problems

Wed, Jun 11, 2014 @ 04:23 PM | Exterior Pro Roofing

Many home and building owners know that there can always be problems with roofs and it either is the roofing material itself being broken, damaged, old and many other things or something that happens to the roof like a tree falling on it. But otherwise there are usually four areas that commonly develop issues and cause leaks and further damage to roofs. We previously covered the components of roofs; there is more to your roof than just the materials that are covering the decking and structure of the roof. 

soffit and fascia

One of these common areas is the fascia. Remember fascia is the band running along the edge of the roof. This is what is considered the roof trim. The function of fascia is to protect the edge of the roof from the elements which can also protect the interior of the building. The biggest cause to damage to the fascia is moisture and can cause rotting or other damage, then it can lead into the rest of the roofing system.

The second area common for problems is the soffit. This is the surface beneath the overhang of the roof eave  or below the fascia and rafters depending on your style roof. The soffits are there to help ventilate the attic, sheathing and rafters. It circulates the air to help the vents to draw heat and moisture away. Most soffits are made of vinyl because of the water resistance. It also helps regulate the temperature in the attic and through rest of the building. These can become cracked, holes, rotting or clogging. Make sure the soffits are in good condition to avoid an entrance for water.


The third common area is the flashings. We probably hear more issues with flashings especially with the types and styles of homes that are more commonly found today. The flashings are the components used to seal the roof system edges, perimeters, penetrations, walls, valleys, drains and other areas like chimneys or dormer windows. The most common material used is aluminum or galvanized steel. The weather and oxidization are the common issues that arise with flashings deteriorating but they can also just become loose. Check and make sure they are not loose or damaged and if they are you need to get it fixed before it can cause more damage to your roof.


Lastly number four which many probably do not think as this begin part of the roof system but really they are and that is the gutters. Obviously the big issue gutters get is clogging up which leads to inadequate drainage for your roof and causes water to seep into the roof, wood and other areas. The whole point in the gutters is to have a drainage system just like valleys on a roof with metal flashing to help the water run down, it leads to a gutter system. You want to make sure your gutters are hanging properly, not broken, clogged or damaged like denting that way the water can drain the correct way.