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Metal Roof: A Few Pros and Cons

Wed, Jun 4, 2014 @ 04:45 PM | Exterior Pro Roofing

More and more people are wanting or thinking about a metal roof. We get a lot of calls for a new roof and we find that many are thinking of metal roofs. Previously this year we wrote a blog on different types of metal roofs  These are the most common metal roofs you find on commercial, agricultural and residential buildings. One thing we are asked are pros and cons to metal roofs. While there are lots of advantages and disadvantages, here are a few that seems to be the most important to anyone thinking about a metal roof.metal roof standing seam


  1. Durability-there are some metal roofs that can be more durable than a shingled roof when it comes to withstanding high winds and other sever weather. They also do not require as much regular maintenance as other roofs, though they still should be at least inspected for water ponding, screws, coatings and other things, just not as often.
  2. Safety-metal roofs do not spark or ignite into flames during a wildfires or lighting strikes.
  3. Life length-metal roofs can actually last longer than the warranty especially when they are maintained.
  4. Environmentally friendly-most metal roof materials use recycled content depending on what material it is. The other thing that some people like is that sometimes metal roofs can be installed on top of your existing shingle roof. Of course if you have bad sheeting or other wood that is bad, this is not wise to do.
  5. Energy efficiency-yes roofs do help reflect UV rays and can help reduce cooling costs. Because sun rays are not direct in the winter, it may not help a big deal during the heating months. There can be differences in how these affect these savings also based on material used, color and coatings.


  1. Noisiness-there can be some noisiness to certain metal roofs. This all depends on what type of roof and how it was installed. Usually it can be about the same as a shingle roof noise if used with proper insulation but it can be a little bit noisier.
  2. Affordability-probably the biggest mind changer is the cost of metal roofs. They are more costly than a shingle roof. While they can typically last longer, they are still more costly to install. This also varies on the type of metal roof as we discussed in the blog link above.
  3. Rust/Fading/Coating-metal roofs do needed maintained from rust. This especially happens after age, low maintaining, sun rays and so on. There are fading that can occur so if you have to fix a portion, there can be discoloration although you can have your metal roof re-coated. It is important to keep from rust. Some metal roofs have rust resistance and some do not.
  4. Performance-water can accumulate anywhere from either poor quality, insufficient install or repair or not maintaining it. Metal roofs expand and contract as we have discussed in other blogs also when you search our site. Because of this it is important to make sure to inspect your roof at least once a year. Some lower grade metal roofs are thinner and not as good as others. Exposed screw metal roofs like the pole barn metal especially need to have screws checked, maintained and replaced.

There are more advantages and disadvantages to metal roofs, some refer more to your environment or type of roof shape you have and other things, but these are the most important that most everyone asks about. The best thing you can do if you are thinking of a metal roof is to do some research so you know what questions you should ask a roofing contractor, then contact them and see what is best for your roof.