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White Roof or Black Roof

Mon, May 19, 2014 @ 04:54 PM | Exterior Pro Roofing

In today’s economy it is all about going green in so many aspects including the roofing industry. Many say that it is better to have a black roof or darker color than using the white, yet the white roofs show more energy efficient. So when it comes to the discussion which is better to have, let’s look at each.

dark roof

The black roofs are believed to be the best choice for a roof because the black attracts more heat from the sun. But when is this actually beneficial to help on heating costs? Really it is not. When you really think about it, the winter months is when using the black is supposed to be beneficial, but how does it help when the sun rays are not direct? Or that the sun is out less time? Or the fact that in some places there is barely even sunshine during the winter months? When the rays are not direct the rooftops are not actually gathering in heat form the sun at all. So even if it does help some to hold the heat is has, does it actually pay for the roof compared to a white roof savings during the summer? Probably not.

 The white roofs are becoming more popular, especially the white membrane roofs from companies like Duro Last for commercial buildings, and now even people residentially are going to lighter shingles, or other roofing systems that help with energy cost so they can be going green. The fact is where is most of your costs the highest from your electric company? The summer time, especially with those humid regions.  During the winter many probably use natural or propane gas to heat, and yes those are costly. But there are charges that some people do not pay much attention to with your electric company and that is the peak charges. So while we are having 10 hours of direct rays form the sun to these roofs, which homes do you think has the   a/c running the most? Yes, the ones with darker colors shingles or other dark roofing systems.  The white roofs and light colors help reflect the sun’s rays to help save in the cooling cost. During the summer because costs are higher, many electric companies charge during peak times so you not only have your usage charges you have the peak usage. This is what they consider to be above normal use.

white roof

The other thing to consider is with a lot of roofing systems that use the dark colors, many use something additional whether to the roofing system to help reflect the sun rays. Why would you want to spend additional money on more materials that can help reduce energy cost that have one that does not? Studies ( shown that white or lighter colored roofing systems have shown to pay for the roof with the savings companies and individuals receive in energy savings ( for cooling during the summer months before or by their warranty expiration, than those small savings for heating during the winter months with darker colored roofs. Feel free to check out Duro Lasts’ website for information on energy savings. Many manufacturers also have a page designated to show their energy savings products as well like, Owens Corning and GAF are two top shingle manufacturers. Do some research before you decide on your next roof.

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