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Spring Cleaning Your Roof

Thu, May 8, 2014 @ 03:11 PM | Exterior Pro Roofing

We all know too well what time of the year it is, Spring Cleaning. Many have already begun the process of cleaning out closets, garages, sheds and attics, but did you think about cleaning your roof? We tend to think more on cleaning up the yard and planting our gardens, but another area we need to think about cleaning up is our roof. Cleaning the roof can help extend the lifespan of our roofing system and as a bonus make it look good after harsh weather conditions.

debris in gutters

The first and easy part that must be done is removing the debris that has made its way on the rooftop. The next part you want to do is to clean your gutter and drain system. This way when you begin to wash your roof there won’t be any build up and the water can flow right, this will also be the time that you can see if there are any issues with your gutter and downspouts.

Now that you have removed any debris, you should look around your roof for any new possible damage like missing shingles, tears, cracks or punctures. It would be best to check those out before cleaning your roof. The most important thing to know about cleaning your roof is to NOT use a power washer. The high powered washers can damage your shingles quickly and you can end up having a repair cost to replace them. Some people like to use them and use a very low setting but a good hose and nozzle can do just as well. 


Now if you see any algae, moss, or mold on your roof you can either buy a cleaner from your hardware store. Some people like to use bleach because this will kill any mold and algae, but you do not want to pour straight bleach on your roof, this is bad for your shingles. You would want to have more water than bleach, so for instance maybe a cup of bleach in a gallon or so of water. When you begin to spray the cleaner whether bleach in water or whatever cleaner you purchased in the sprayer, go all the way to the other side from where you placed your ladder and work backwards. A lot of cleaners you do not have to rinse right away and leave sit for a while, then you can come back and start with the rinsing process with your hose or very, very low pressure washer setting. 

algae/moss growth

If you still have a lot of algae and moss you can get a preventative coating that can help it keep

from growing again. People that live in humid climates are highly likely to have moss, algae or mold on your roof. Remember that if you use the bleach solution to be careful not to put too

much bleach and to protect your other plants that you do not want to get harmed. If you preset your lawn and plants before you begin on the roof, this will help coat them from your bleach solution should they get sprayed. There is also another alternative to prevent algae growth on your roof by using copper or zinc strips that when it rains the minerals drain down covering the roof and keeps algae away. You may notice copper on roofs around chimney flashings or strips on the top of roofs. If you have big algae problems call a roofing contractor and ask them about preventing algae growth.

Once you have finished the rinsing process you are all done. you do not want to wash your roof for any reason you can also call a local landscaping or roofing company to clean it for you. Have a successful spring cleaning!