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Shopping Center in Vevay, Indiana Receives a New Roof and Look

Fri, May 2, 2014 @ 03:56 PM | Exterior Pro Roofing

Three stores in a small shopping center in Vevay, Indiana had some issues of leaking and their roofing system coming apart with their flat roofs. The CVS, Cash Savers (IGA), and Family Dollar building owner signed up with Exterior Pro for the loved Duro Last roofing system. 

The CVS roof is about 9,000 sq ft and had a Modified bitumen roof that was having some issues. The modified bitumen was coming up in many areas and the wall of the roof was covered in it also. There were cracks damage, peeling, there were concrete blocks all over the roof trying to help with the peeling of the bitumen. Now the CVS has a new white membrane Duro Last roof that gives it a whole new look and fixes the problems they were having with a modified bitumen roof. Now the roof has no cracks, leaks and peeling damage and with a 15 year warranty.


The Cash Savers roof is about 20,000 sq ft and this roof also had the modified bitumen with about the same issues as CVS.   These roofs are rolls composed of a factory-fabricated composite sheet consisting of a copolymer-modified bitumen, often reinforced with polyester and/or fiberglass and are applied with a hot tar. After removing all the modified bitumen Exterior Pro is ready to start installing the new Duro Last roof. During installation there is no business interruptions for any of the three stores. They continue working their scheduled hours with less noise from the workers.

CS CS duro roof

The family Dollar roof is about 7,700 sq ft. The same process for installing the new Duro Last roof was used giving the three stores their new roof and new look with a better roofing system. The finished projects received their warranty after a professional inspection from Duro Last and approved the roofs newsystem. Now the stores can have dryer days and a new roofing system with no issues. We are happy that the customer is enjoying the new roofing system.FD flat roofFD

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