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Pole Barn Metal Vs. Standing Seam Metal

Mon, Apr 28, 2014 @ 02:59 PM | Exterior Pro Roofing

It is no secret that metal roofs are becoming more popular for many different reasons, to save on energy costs and installation costs. We published a blog on Metal Roof Myths in Indiana ( this year. If you read this article you probably have a better understanding that this is not always true and that there are more than one type of metal roof. Recently we have been asked to install metal roofs but when we asked about what type of metal, they do not know that there are other options than just pole barn metal.

Pole Barn Metal

The most commonly known type of metal roof is a pole barn metal. This is what we call an exposed fastener metal roof. The pole barn metal is fasted with the screws exposed to the sun and weather which in turn can become damaged. The sun, rain and snow can cause the screws to rust plus the way the screws are fastened. The metal expands and contracts over time also. Because there is a washer and a rubber piece that lays on the metal under the washer, when the metal expands and contracts these parts can become loose and damaged like rusting which is what can cause the leaks. This is primarily because the screws are exposed. Another big issues is because of the way it is installed with what can be over hundreds of screws is the installation. The screws have to be installed just right for you to get good use of that metal to not have any issues. This is primarily why the pole barn has been used mostly for barns and other agricultural buildings and not homes. This metal may seem cheaper but in the long run we do not recommend this type of metal for a house or other buildings that need to remain dry because over time they will leak. This metal is best for barns and buildings alike. The exposed fastened is also called through fastened metal roofs.These are panels that come in different colors and styles. In the long run you do not get the benefits of a metal roof that everyone believes because of the issues that can take place with this type of metal roof.pole barnpole barn

Standing Seam

The standing seam metal does not have exposed or through fastened screws, they are either interlocking or snapped. Because the interlocking system or the snap fastened system, the screws are not exposed to the sun and damaging wet weather which keeps the screws in better shape. This means that the roof will last a lot longer without any issues like leaks. The standing seam is also a continuous length so there are no laps and it has a mechanism built in that allows the expansionand contraction of the metal that will cause no harm to the fasteners like the pole barn does. These also come in different sales like double lock seam, symmetrical seam, one piece snap-lock interlock and two piece snap-lock interlock.They also come in a variety of colors that can help you get the right look for your home. The standing seam roofs are becoming more popular with residential and commercial buildings. You can still get the benefits of having a metal roof just a better type of metal roof.

2pc standing seam1 pc standing seamdouble seamsymmetrical seam



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