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Polyurethane Foam VS Duro Last

Fri, Apr 25, 2014 @ 02:14 PM | Exterior Pro Roofing

The polyurethane foam is said to be one of the most affordable and high performing roofing systems for commercial roofing today.  Although there may be good benefits from studies, Duro Last has these same benefits and more. There are benefits for the polyurethane foam like lasting protection, long term cost effect and energy savings. But there are some doubts about polyurethane foam. The Duro Last roofing systems compared to the polyurethane foam can outweigh the benefits.


The polyurethane is more costly because of the complexity of the installation. While it seems like it is easy special equipment is needed to install the poly foam plus the having to be reapplied. Duro Last is easy and quick to install and does not require expensive high tech equipment to be used. Polyurethane foam is sprayed onto the roofs, Duro Last is installed with screws and plates giving it the air and water tight fit. It also can be applied over EPDM rubber roofs, TPO single ply and metal roofs. Duro Last is also affordable with cost plus gives a longer lifespan and benefits than polyurethane foam does.

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There have been poor thoughts on the poly foam because of some commercial roofs that had the poly foam installed incorrectly.  This is the biggest reason there are negative reactions to the poly foam. In order to get the benefits of poly foam, it must be installed correctly, specialproduct to give the SPF savings for energy cost and reapplied every ten years. Over time though these benefits will slowly disappear compared to the Duro Last roofing system. The Duro Last uses a white or grey membrane that reflects the UV rays from the sun without having to have something applied to it to do so. Duro Last receives the 5 E’s in its cost ratings to help reduce the use of energy. (Energy, Environment, Endurance, Economics and Engineering).

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There are some roofs that need to be walked on the poly foam system can be walked on. The issue here is to not have sharp objects and maintain the poly foam. Duro Last can be walked on because of its durability and while you still want to maintain your Duro Last roof, it requires less care than the poly foam. The poly foam can also wear down easier.

Long Lasting

There is a elastomeric coatings for roofs are applied and reapplied that can help make the spray foam roofs last longer. Along with the maintenance and care for the roof can help it last even longer than the guarantee. Because of the PVC membrane used and the ISO insulation that is underneath the membrane, the Duro Last roofing system can last longer than the poly foam. Duro Last also offers a 15 and 20 year warranty on their product. Poly foam is said to last longer than 20 years but only if it is maintained correctly. Even then the polyurethane foam has to be recoated every 10 years and has a strict maintenance program in order to get its benefits. With Duro Last you need only to inspect it regularly because of high winds that can cause debris to fly onto the roofing system. Maintaining it is easy to do compared to having to re-coat ever 10 years with poly foam.

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Cost Repair

Polyurethane foam is harder to repair than Duro Last. Duro Last has the simplicity for installation and also for repairing if needed. They are also professionally inspected by the Duro Last company after installation.



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