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How Can I 'Responsibly' Take Care of My Metal Roof?

Thu, Apr 17, 2014 @ 01:25 PM | Perry

Metal roofing has been around for a long time. Along with being attractive, metal roofing can hold up well for many years.  All it takes is a little proper maintenance and you will enjoy an excellent return on your original investment in the roof.

Common Issues That You Can Avoid

Maintenance is all about protecting the integrity of the roof and prolonging its useful life.  There are several issues that you want to identify and address quickly.  These more common events include:rusted nails

  • Rusted roof panels
  • Weakened support joists
  • Punctures in the panels
  • Flashing that loosens over time
  • Screws or nails that fail to hold

In many cases, proper maintenance will minimize the chances of these types of issues arising.

Avoid Mixing Metals

One thing that many homeowners do not realize is that using roof components made from different metals is a recipe for disaster.  Chemical reactions between the metals can hasten the rate of deterioration, and create a breeding ground from rust.  When at all possible, make sure the panels, flashing, gutters and even the roofing nails are all made of compatible materials.  A roofing specialist can help you make wise decisions that start you off on the right foot.

Seal the Roof

Whether you choose to paint the metal panels or leave them plain, you still want to use a sealant to protect the surfaces.  The right sealant will minimize the potential for scratches, even during the worst type of weather.  This is to your advantage, since scratches provide the ideal environment for the development of rust.  When and as scratching does occur, clean the spots thoroughly and then apply fresh sealant.  damage

Examine the Fastener Gaskets Regularly

Not everyone understands the purpose of fastener gaskets.  These are simply devices that help to seal the area around the roofing nails.  Over time, they can begin to deteriorate.  Replacing them from to time will help minimize the chance for leaks and also protect the roofing panels from damage.

Repair Holes and Other Damage Immediately

Even the best type of metal roofing will sustain damage from time to time.  If a tree should fall and damage several panels, have them replaced as soon as possible.  If hail or other objects should puncture the metal, you want to patch or replace those sections without delay.  Any type of damage that is not repaired promptly will weaken the roof and lead to a faster rate of deterioration.

Annual Inspectionsinspection

Even if you have a professional check the roof after a particularly bad patch of weather, you still want to have an annual inspection.  A roofing contractor can walk the roofline and make note of any type of issues that may be developing.  With a little luck, the results of the inspection will indicate there is little to nothing needed, and the roof will easily last another year.  If there are any suggestions for minor repairs, arrange to have them done immediately.

Metal roofing has the potential to last for many more years than shingles and other types of roof materials.  Many of the same tips that apply to the maintenance of those roofs are also relevant to the care of a metal roof.  Always invest in materials that are durable and have the potential to last for long periods of time.  When you couple quality materials with a sound maintenance and repair program, the roof could easily offer two or three decades of practical use before a replacement becomes necessary.


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