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Common Indiana Metal roofing Problems

Mon, Mar 17, 2014 @ 09:35 AM | Exterior Pro Roofing

Often building owners and Manufacturing facilities in Indiana choose metal roofs to cover their business and to keep their warehouses dry. Metal can lower initial construction cost and offers superior protection against fire. However the weather in Indiana, extreme expansion- contraction cycles, and rust and corrosion can take its toll on metal and diminish the roofs  performance over time. As a result leaking metal roofs are very common in Indiana. 

Here are the three most common problems we see in Indiana and what building owners and facility managers can do about it. 

Obvious leaks from rain water. If your setting out buckets each time it rains, and sometimes just in case it rains, your metal roof probably has leaky seams, cracks or leaks around penetrations, or fasteners that are not properly sealed. Over time, the  daily expansion -contraction cycle that metal roofs go through can deteriorate or loosen the neoprene washer under the screw head allowing water to enter the building. The “movement” of metal roofing can also break caulking and sealant around pipes or stacks that penetrate through roof and “pull” at seams or overlaps in metal causing leaks when it rains. 

Interior Drips even during dry weather. A dripping roof even during dry weather lead many building owners and facility managers to believe that water has entered building from rain and is slowly leaking or is trapped somewhere in the roof and leaking out little by little. And while this is a possibility, its not likely. This type of leak is most often caused by condensation on the underside of the metal panel. When cooler temperatures chill inadequately insulated metal roofing, the warmer moister vapor inside the building condense on the bottom of the metal usually in the form of frost or water droplets. The frost or droplets fall inside the building and resemble a leak when the real problem is a lack of insulation. 

The Metal roof is rusting. Rain, snow, UV exposure, acid rain, and chemicals or cleaners used in some manufacturing  processes all “work” on the surface of the metal. The rust will eventually open up pin holes on panels and corrodes screws and rivets. Flashings deteriorate and roof is discolored from rust stains. 

What can you do about it?

rusting metal roof

Your least expensive option is to try and use caulking and/or roof tar to fix holes, seams or overlaps, and leaky flashings and penetrations. Finding every pin hole or leaky screw head can be a challenge not to mention that it is a patch and see process instead of a one time repair event. 

Frustrated by multiple repairs to roof with caulking and tar, many building owners investigate some sort of paint on or brush on metal roof coating. Metal roofing coatings can be inexpensive or more expensive depending on the type and quality of the coating. However problems arise when the coating doesn't expand and contract at the same rate as the metal roof. And in many cases, the coating doesn't adhere to the metal as it should due to dust, dirt, and grim on metal. Roof coatings rarely last and are short term fixes. 

Having the existing metal roof torn off and replaced with more metal is very expensive, highly disruptive to the building, a long and tedious process, and either your or your tenants business may even have to shut down for a time.  For most Indiana building owners or facility managers this option is impractical at best. 

Covering your leaky metal roof with the Duro last roofing system may just be a fit for your building. This is a high value, long term solution to common Indiana metal  roofing problems. The white membrane encapsulates the building to lock out water. 

Heres how it works 

  • The membrane is installed right over your existing metal deck, no tear off required

  • Insulation is cut and placed between the ribs of  the metal

  • Another layer of insulation is added to provide a flat surface and increase R-value 

  • The prefabricated membrane is mechanically fastened to the deck over the insulation 

  • Prefabricated flashing are installed around penetrations and HVAC equipment to

  • Seams are hot air welded on-site to create a solid, leak proof roofing system 

It is cost effective, quick, and  clean way to re-roof a metal building in Indiana and  the process won’t disturb your building or the business located inside. 

Duro-Last membrane

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