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4 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Gutter Guard

Tue, Mar 11, 2014 @ 07:58 AM | Exterior Pro Roofing


ShurFlo Leaves1. You have trees and plants growing in your gutters. 

Plants, trees, and grass just don’t sprout over night in your gutters. If you can see vegetation growing in your gutters you clearly do not have the time or energy it takes to routinely clean gutters. A simple gutter guard can solve the problem and get rid of the greenery in your gutters so you can spend what little spare time you do have enjoying yourself. 


gutter IN niagara falls

2. It’s like your gutters turn into Niagara Falls every time it rains. 

Clogged gutters will force water over the front edge of the gutter and eventually bow or bend gutters out which will ensure this happens almost every rain. When water pours over the front of the gutter not only does it dump next to your foundation, it leave dark stains and discolored places on the gutters, facia, soffit, and even brick long after it’s done raining. 

3. The gutters back up and cause a leak in your home or building. 

Leaks from clogged up gutters are different than roof leaks because they will most often be in the corner of the ceiling and wall but will stain more on the wall. Roof leaks tend to stain ceiling and not walls at all. If your clogged gutters are causing water to back up all the way into the interior of your home, chances are water is damaging the wall more than what you can see. A gutter cover can keep water in the downspouts and out to the yard where it belongs.

4. You can’t clean gutters safely 

If you do a cost comparison between purchasing gutter guard and a trip to the hospital, gutter guard wins every time hands down. We’ve never seen a clogged gutter worth getting hurt over, gutter helmet can keep you or your loved one’s safe. 

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