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Compare the 3 Most Common types of Metal Roofing

Thu, Mar 13, 2014 @ 12:56 PM | Exterior Pro Roofing

There are many types and profiles of metal roofing for sale in Indiana but here are the three most common types of metal roofs installed in the hoosier state. 

1. Agricultural or pole barn metal 
pole barn

This metal roofing panel is probably  the most common type of metal roofing material found in Indiana. It is primarily installed on agricultural buildings like pole barn or other types of metal buildings. This panel is 29 gauge in thickness  and can be purchased at almost every lumber yard or box store in Indiana as well as many other smaller, rural, metal roll form shops across the state. The panel is most often run in “ classic” rib and is 36” wide. 

Although pole barn metal is easy to purchase, install, and you can see it on many homes in Indiana, it is not recommended for residential use. The screws that secure this type of metal roof are installed in the face of the panel and rely on a rubber gasket or washer to seal out water. Over time, usually between year 8 -15, this gasket splits, cracks, or deteriorates and  can allow water to enter the structure. Agricultural or pole barn metal requires approximately 70 exposed screws per Sq. of roofing. On an average sized, single story ranch home in Indiana that is 2,300-2,500 potential leaks waiting to happen. 

2. 26 gauge Standing Seam

26 gauge metal roofing is an upgrade from agricultural metal and is a standing seam panel that is made for residential use. It is 26 gauge in thickness and usually comes in widths of 12” - 16” inches. 

A standing seam style metal roofing panel is different from the agricultural metal roofing panel in many ways but the most important difference is that the standing seam does not have exposed fasteners in the form of screws or nails through the face of the metal. 26 gauge standing seam has a screw fin in which a flat head screw is installed to secure the metal roofing panel to the home. Then next metal panel clips into the panel already installed to cover the screw. This is called a hidden fastener attachment method.

 A 26 gauge metal roof will cost about 2 times more than a  29 gauge pole barn metal roof will but has no exposed fasteners and will last much longer if installed correctly using the right trims and accessories.

standing seam

3. 24 gauge Standing Metal Roof 

This is type of metal roofing system is far less common than either pole barn metal or the 26 gauge standing seam in Indiana mostly because it is more expensive, about 2 1/2 -3 times the cost of agricultural metal. You will find this type of metal roof on higher end homes, businesses, and churches across Indiana. 24 gauge metal is thicker, installed using clips and screws in hidden fastener attachment method, and has a full line a accessories and commercial grade details. 

This type of metal roof requires a high level and skill and craftsmanship to install and should be purchased from commercial roofing contractors with in-house crews.

Having a metal roof installed on your home or business can be a long lasting investment that looks great and add value to your property. Taking the time to research the different types of metal roofs available in Indiana will ensure you make the right choice when deciding which to choose.


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