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How To Quickly Install Hardi Siding On Gable Ends

Fri, Mar 21, 2014 @ 11:05 AM | Perry

You don’t have to a master carpenter or even understand the angles of a gable roof to correctly and efficacy install james Hardi siding. With a couple of quick tricks you will be hanging Hardi siding on gable ends like an old pro 

Finding the angle 

You can quickly find the angle of the gable by taking a piece of hardi siding with a square edge and placing it on the wall as if you were going to hang the piece. Align the piece at the correct height above the piece of siding below it already installed and side the right angle towards the gable end until the top corner of the siding touches the gable . Now measure the distance between the lower corner of the siding and the gable.  All that is left is to cut off the top of the piece the distance you measured on the bottom. Cut your angle and check it for a good fit. It doesn’t matter how steep or flat the angle is, this method will work. 

Tip: The same angle  will work all the way up the gable if you keep the pieces level.

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Cutting the transition Piece 

The same technique you just learned will work for cutting the piece of siding that the makes the transition from the wall to the gable. Place a piece of hardi siding on the wall at the right height above the piece below and slide it towards the gable until it touches the gable. Measure the distance from the bottom of the piece to the gable. Now measure the height the siding needs to be until the angle starts. When you get ready to cut you piece measure up first and mark the hardi at the height it needs to be until the angle and then take off the top what ever distance the bottom was away from the gable. Cut and check for a good fit. This is how you cut the transition piece 

Tip: When you measure the distance between the bottom corner of the hardi over to the angle your tape must be level or the angle won’t be right. If you extend your tape measure and butt it up against the bottom of the hardi you can use the hardi as a straight edge to keep the tape measure straight. 

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This method is old school and I train my crew on this method because it gets the angle that the roof is and not what it is supposed to be based on a calculation. It’s simple, easy, and quick. 

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