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Better Understand Your Flat Roof

Tue, Oct 14, 2014 @ 08:00 AM | Perry

Knowing what type of flat roof the building has can help you make better decisions regarding the roof replacement and maintenance plan. Not sure what type of roof system you have? Check out our blog on the Common types of Flat Roofs.


  1. Roofing System. You should know what the existing roof system is, the age of the roof and if it is under a warranty. There are different warranties, ask the manufacturer what warranty you have, what is covers and the length of time; this will depend on the manufacturer of your roof material on what warranty you have, each manufacturer offers different warranties. The age of your roof matters too because there each roof system has a different life cycle or life span than another. This can also tell what condition the roof should be in based on its age and location.

    Rubber____ TPO/PVC____ Metal____ BUR (built up roof)____ Tar & Gravel____ Other___
  2. Structure and deck material. Know the type of structure and roof deck material you have. There are three types of roof deck materials that are used: wood, concrete and metal.

    Wood___  Metal___  Concrete___ 
  3. How much insulation you have and the condition of it. Re-roofing projects are great times to upgrade the roofing insulation if it needs it. However wet insulation will have to be removed or attended to. Your next roofing project will be much quicker and with much less mess laying over the existing roof and minimize the buildings exposure to elements and can be done in a most weather conditions. Taking a core sample of the roof will tell you how much existing insulation you have and if it is wet or not. 

    1"___ 2"___ 3"___ 4"___ 5"___ Other___
  4. The drainage system. Flat roofs have gutters, drains, or scuppers for the draining system. Most flat roofs have water that runs to guttering, into rooftop drains or to a hole through the wall scupper in a collection bay. 

    Drains____ Scuppers___ Gutters___
  5. Termination and Trim. Flat roofs will have a variety of edge detail and trim. However the most common termination will be termination bar, drip edge, full coping cap and metal edge trim.

  6. The level of foot traffic. Does the roof have light, medium or heavy foot traffic?


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