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A Quick Fact Guide to Duro Last Roofing in Louisville KY

Thu, Jun 4, 2015 @ 07:00 AM | Perry

Are you trying to decide which route to take in your upcoming Flat roof Repair or replacement project?

Here are 20 quick facts about Duro Last roofing in Louisville KY:

DUROLAST_MEMBRANE1. Duro Last is PVC roofing membrane designed for flat and low slope roofing applications including covering over old metal roofs 


2. The Duro Last membrane comes in thickness measured in Mils. A .40 mil. , .50mil. , .60 mil. , and even .80 mil. area available 


membrane_rolls_large1-resized-6003. Duro Last comes in three standard colors White, gray, and tan 


4. Duro last can be glued down or held down with screws and plates


5. Duro last can only be purchased and installed by a certified roofing contractor 


6. Duro last can be used in both new construct and in re-roofing applications but it is most often used in re-roofing and recovery applications.


durolast-layers7. The PVC membrane is formed by inserting woven scrim or threads between a base layer of PVC and a top lay of PVC. 


8. Duro Last is engineered and designed to lie over top of other types of flat roofing materials, it weighs just 1/4 pound per sq. ft. 


flat_roof_welding_membrane9. The seams of Duro Last are permanently fused together using hot air 


10. Installing a reflective membrane on a building can reduce summer energy cost by 15% - 25%


11. The Duro Last warranties are typically 15 year or 20 years depending on the thickness of the membrane 


12. Duro Last is manufactured in plants located in Michigan, Texas, Iowa, and Idaho. The Duro Last installed in Louisville is typically manufactured in Saginaw Michigan. 


Duro_Last_accessories13. Duro Last not only manufactures the PVC membrane but also a complete line a accessories such as pipe flashings, curb flashings, drains boots, parapet wall flashings, inside and outside corners, and edge metal trims like coping caps  and 2 piece compression trims. 


14. Every Duro Last commercial roofing project gets inspected, each and every one. 


15. Duro Last employees the largest number of field based quality assurance reps of any flat roofing manufacture in united states including one based right here in Louisville Ky. 


16. Duro Last started out as a pool liner. The original owner had a friend who was in the process of roofing his own home when rain began to move in. He called the owner and founder of Duro Last Jack Burt for help. Jack brought over a section of pool liner to cover his friends home before the storm hit and he thought “if I can keep water in, I can keep it out”. Duro Last roofing was formed shortly after. 


Trader_Bakers_Madison_IN_Duro_Last_Install17. Duro Last can be installed in all temperature from below freezing to sweltering hot 


18. Duro Last installed without harmful chemical or flames 


19. Duro Last is usually installed in crew of 4 - 6 roofers 


20. Speed of installation varies depending on how “open “a roof is or by how many curbs or pipes a roof has. A proficient Duro Last installer can put down 2,000, - 2,500 sq. ft. per man per day.