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238 T Standing Seam Solves Common Metal Roof  Leak Problems

Sun, Sep 13, 2020 @ 09:00 AM | Perry

The 238 T standing seam is a versatile metal roofing panel designed for commercial and industrial roofing applications.  It can be used in new construction over open purlins or a solid deck but it can also be used in Re-roofing projects and in metal over metal recovers

Here’s 4 great reasons you may want to consider using the 238 T standing seam on your upcoming roofing project. 

1. Full Length Metal Panels From The Eve All The Way To The Ridge With No Where To Leak. 

Onsite Roll Forming Standing Seam Metal Roof Panels-1Generally speaking, metal roofing is a durable, tough, and long lasting roofing product. It withstands hail, high wind, and foot traffic very well but metal roofing does have its Achilles heel or weak points in the system, and seams between the sheets of metal are definitely one of those weak and leak prone areas. 

The simple answer is to this problem is to get rid of the seams and use full length metal from the gutter all the way to the ridge.  Trucking and logistic issues like how to crane a 90 foot long piece of metal off a semi and onto a roof are why this hasn’t been done in the past. So what’s changed?  Well onsite roll forming is whats changed. We now have to ability to ship coils of metal instead of finished panels and then mount the coil onto a roll former. The roll former is then picked up and the full length metal ran right out onto the building. 

2. No More Metal Roof Leaks Behind HVAC Units And Skylights With Traverse Panel Detail.

Besides leaking seams, the other major source of water intrusion into a metal roof system is behind the HVAC curbs, fans, exhausted vents, skylights or any type of square box that heads off water. The typical unit we see is covered in a combination of caulking, tar, and roof coating and they still leak. 

The  283 T ’s traverse panel detail brilliantly solves these perennial  metal roofing problems and ends the leaks around roof top flashings. It works by installing the 238 t perpendicular the roofing panels behind the units there by diverting water to the sides  and around the roof top obstacle eliminating 99.9% of the water that would have hit the back of the curb. 

The traverse panel detail solved one of metal roofing's biggest problems: flashing around curbs. 

3. 238 T Gives Building Owners The Ability To Repair And Replace Panel. 

In today's high paced business environment buildings are constantly being modified and changed to meet the needs of tenants, expanding small businesses, and new equipment in manufacturing. Many times this means new roof top penetrations for the building. That’s why the ability to repair and or replace any individual piece of 238 T standing seam lands it our number 3 spot of the top 4 reasons why you may want to take a close look at the type of metal roofing. 

Traditional standing seam metal roofing employees the male - female leg idea to keep buildings dry. The female leg rest on top of the male leg and then is crimped together. Great for keeping water out, bad for repairs and modifications. Traditionally, standing seam is virtually unrepairable. You have to remove the metal panel from the point they started until you reach the piece that needs to be changed, make the repair, then put the metal back on. Not with the 238 T.  Its neutral T shape means both sides of the panel are the same and any individual pieces can be removed and replaced making repairs possible and easy to do. 

4.   238 T Standing Seam Can Be Installed Right On Top Of Your Existing Metal Roof. 

There are billions of square feet of metal roofing installed on steel buildings erected between 1970 and 1990 in the United States that are at the end of its service life, leaving building owners and facility mangers wonder what the next step is to stopping leaks and keeping the structure dry. 

The 238 T standing seam system pioneered the metal over metal recover option. This means you can install a new 238 T standing seam right on top of your existing metal roof. This means no expensive tear off, no building disruption or shut downs, and no exposing the contents of the building to weather. 

The metal over metal recover option offers a new lease on life to old buildings, and that along with full length metal panels, traverse flashing details around curb, and repairability make the 238 T standing seam a great choice for your next roofing project 

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