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138 T Standing Seam Metal Roof - Full Length Metal Panel With No Seams Through Onsite Roll Forming

Wed, May 20, 2020 @ 03:45 PM | Perry

You’ve heard of seamless gutters but what about seamless metal roofing? Is that a possibility?

Seamless metal roofing has become a reality thanks to technology upgrades in onsite roll forming equipment for the metal roofing industry.

Your new 138 T standing seam metal roof can now be roll formed on the job site giving the ability to run full length pieces of metal roofing  from the eve all the way to the ridge with no seams in the metal. This eliminates one of the weakest parts of a traditional standing seam metal roof, the seams or joints in the pieces.

Get rid of the seams in the metal - get rid of the leaks

Standing Seam Metal Roof Installation- Carrollton-577681-edited-1

The 138 T standing seam metal is brought to the marketplace through authorized fabricators and installers of the roofing panel. These roofing contractors have made the investment in the onsite roll forming equipment and have been trained on manufacturing and installing the 138 T standing seam.

Kynar painted, 24 gauge metal coils are mounted on reels that unspool the metal coil into the onsite roll former.  The coil passes through a series of dies and is roll formed into the metal roofing. The computerized control at the end of the machine is where the operator inputs the desired panel length and quantity of metal panels  they want to produce. The metal comes out of the machine and onto the run out tables until  a hydraulic sheer cuts the metal piece to length. The roll former will pause until that piece of metal is removed from the run out table then the machine will proceed to roll form the next piece of 138 T.

Standing Seam Metal Roof First Baptist onsite Roll forming

Installing full length metal pieces from the eve to the ridge with nowhere to leak is a HUGE advantage the 138 T has over other types of standing seam metal roofing but it is not the only advantage of onsite roll forming.

Not only better but also less expensive

The network of roofing contractors who onsite roll form the 138 T metal roofing  purchase the metal at coil prices and not finished panel prices and they also save on the freight cost of trucking already made metal roofing vs shipping coils. We also don't have the additional cost of handling material with the risk that it becomes damaged in transport, and we have reduced wasted by making metal panels the exact size we need them.

138 T standing seam is custom fit each and every time, made to order right on your job-site

These savings add up making the 138T standing seam a competitive and ultra high value metal roofing option for home and building owners alike.