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10 Easy Ways to Lower Flat Roofing Cost at Your Facility

Tue, Feb 3, 2015 @ 04:03 PM | Perry


1. Building a working relationship with a professional roofing contractor

Speaking with a  trusted flat roofing contractor can help you develop and implement a preventative maintenance program at your facility. Properly serviced and maintained flat roofs last longer and are likely to be able to be re-covered instead of having to be torn off when the time from replacement does arrive.

2. Bundle work

Bundling work can be a great way to save money. Try to arrange roofing projects or repairs in a way that won’t require to move equipment or to set up multiple times. It can be as simple as having gutters cleaned for a small additional charge at the same time roof maintenance or repairs are being done.


3. Negotiate for win/win situations

Ask your roofing contractor what you could do for him/her in exchange for a better deal or low price on repairs. For example the commercial roofing company may be willing to do small roof repairs or maintenance at a lower rate in exchange for flexibility in getting work done. They may fit regular maintenance in on days when their work load is light. This win/win style of negotiation will put you and your roofer on the same team and create an environment of trust. The style of negotiation that always looks to take money away from roofing companies leaves the contractor looking for ways to win it back and in the end this route isn’t productive for either side.


4. Coordinate trades to avoid re-work

Many projects on your campus will involve multiple trades, take it upon yourself to coordinate their efforts to avoid one trade getting too far ahead or behind the rest. When jobs go smoothly contractors are profitable and will enjoy working for you. The benefit you will receive is stable pricing from them and the ability to plan future projects more accurately. When projects are choppy and tough to get through contractors are less profitable and you will likely see price increases when you ask for quotes on future projects.


avoid_flat_roof_tear_off5. Avoid tear offs if possible


Most major flat roofing membrane manufacturers are engineering their materials to be installed on top of existing roofs. Removing the tear off from the cost from a roofing project can lower the total cost by up to 50%. The one stipulation of doing a lay over or re-cover is that the existing roof not be saturated with moisture. This is where properly servicing flat roofs until they are to be re-covered can save you big.


6. Just because a roof has a few leaks and is due to be torn off don’t neglect it

Even if you know you will have to do a tear off because of saturated roofing and or insulation, do not totally neglect the roof. having to replace a large amount of decking can add more cost to an already expensive roofing project.


flat_roof_drain7. Keep up with the little stuff like cleaning drains, gutters and collector boxes

Schedule to clean roof drains, gutters, scuppers and collect head boxes at least twice a year. It’s a no brainer.


8. When you roof buildings take membranes up and over masonry walls

By taking the membrane up and over the top of the wall you completely encapsulate the masonry and cap. This means you will save on future tuck pointing and brick sealing cost as well s eliminating the chance of leaks along wall.


9. Protect new flat roofs by controlling public access, employee activities

Third party damage like dropping tools and poking hole in a roof, dragging new HVAC equipment across the roof, stepping on loose screws that have fallen, and even cigarette burns all have on thing in common, it is all avoidable. By having a roof sign in sheet for people and/or companies that work roof side you will be able to track those who do more damage than they do good, literally.


10. Find out what kind of repairs you can do in house

Flat roofing can be tricky at times but there is no reason why your staff cannot perform at least some of the maintenance that buildings require. Stock basic repair materials for your staff to use. A great time to have staff do a visual inspection of the roof would be when they are cleaning drains and gutters twice a year.