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Flat Roofs

We help building owners with flat roof repair , flat roof replacement projects, and flat roof overlays / recovers over existing flat roofs saving the cost and disruption of a tear off . We use modern flat roofing materials like TPO and PVC for re-roofing projects and new construction on Industrial, commercial, and residential flat roofing applications.

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Metal Roofs

We roll form and install several types of metal roofing profiles for residential and commercial use like the snap lock metal roofing, 138-T and 238 -T standing seam, and U shaped standing seam. Learn how we use our metal roof machine to make full length metal roofing panels right on your job site

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Metal Roof Overlay Systems

We offer two unique alternatives to metal roof coatings like the metal over metal roof retrofit and the TPO over metal retrofit. Both of these metal roof repair options install directly over your existing metal roof.

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Asphalt Shingles

Roof shingle installation and roof repair for your home or business. Free estimates and roof inspections for wind/ hail damage. Quick turn around time on quotes through satellite measurements.

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Latest Projects

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Building owners and facility managers whose roofs have active leaks, have had leaks in the past or are unsure of the condition of their roof with free evaluations



Building Owners Guide to Flat Roofing

Download this free guide for everything building owners need to know about flat roofing.

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