Super ATV

New Flat Roof Installed

Super ATV Flat Roof Repair with Fleece Back Membrane

Project At A Glance

  • Job Name: Super Atv
  • Location: Madison Indiana
  • Type of Project:
    • Duro-Last Fleece back PVC membrane
    • Fully Adhered with CR-20
    • New Commercial Gutters
    • Insulation with recover board 
  •        Description of Work: This job on Super ATV was a fully adhered, .80 Duro Fleece job. We did a partial tear on this building. We removed the rubber roof and insulation board but left the old built up because it was adhered to the gypsum deck. We used a power broom to remove the loose gravel and dust and then we used a product called board Max to adhere a layer of 1.5" roof insulation to old built up. Then we used CR-20 to adhere a cover board and also to adhere the Duro fleece membrane. Duro Fleece is a PVC Fleece back membrane made by Duro Last

Flat roof repair staging material-1

Rubber Roof Before Repair with PVC Membrane-1

PVC membrane fully adhere-1

Wharehouse PVC membrane roof-1

Indiana wiht new flat roof installation -1



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