One Building, Two Roofs:

Duro-Last Installation on Jefferson County, Ind., Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity

The Jefferson, Ind., Habitat for Humanity is an office and re-store location for the international non-profit organization. At this facility, the organization coordinates the construction of homes for families in need and accepts donations of gently used and new building materials, home furnishings and décor, and sells them to the public at significant discounts.

When the building owners noticed the roof had begun to leak in spots, they called Exterior Pro Roofing to inspect the area and offer repair recommendations. 

Indiana Leaking Roof

A Tale of Two Roofs

The Jefferson County Habitat for Humanity is a 6,500 sq. ft. facility. It includes a 1,500 sq. ft. office area, and a 5,000 sq. ft. storage section where donations are kept safe. The building—originally a state highway garage—had an old spray foam roof that was deteriorating badly.

The office area’s roof was the worse of the two. Water had saturated the deteriorated spray foam and weakened the roof to the point that our crew member’s foot went through the foam surface.

Indiana leaking barrel roofThe storage section of the building had a barrel curve to it, and water slid quickly off the roof toward the gutters. As a result, existing spray foam insulation deteriorated but was not saturated—leaving the structural integrity of the roof intact.

Two Distinct Duro-Last Game Plans

Exterior Pro worked closely with Habitat for Humanity to activate a distinct game plan for each roof section.

1,500 sq. ft. Office Roof

The priority was the smaller office roof, as the leaking was more significant. The action plan included the following:

Reenforced deckingAs we started to cut away and remove the old sections of spray foam, we found decking that was more rotted than originally expected. After approval from Habitat for Humanity, we moved quickly to re-deck the entire roof section.

Once the roof deck was structurally sound, we installed 1½-in. ISO insulation for improved climate control and energy efficiency, then rolled out the Duro-Last deck sheets. The deck sheets covered the flat roof area and ran up and over the parapet walls. Once all the seams were hot-air welded it create a continuous water-tight seal over the roof, masonry walls and limestone caps. Finally, we trimmed out the caps with a two-piece compression metal to prevent the roof material from chaffing.

5,000 sq. ft. Storage Roof

Barrel roof duro lastThe storage barrel roof section was an easier installation—and cost 50% less per square foot than the smaller office section because it did not require tear-off.

We first installed fanfold insulation and four large, prefabricated deck sheets over the entire roof area to flatten the uneven, lumpy spray foam surface. Next, we rolled out Duro-Last® deck sheets to cover the entire roof surface. Finally, we hot-air welded the single-ply material seams together to create a watertight seal over the entire roof.

Habitat for Humanity does a lot of great work for the Jefferson, Ind., area, and Exterior Pro Roofing was proud to put a watertight roof back over this worthy organization.

What the Customer Had to Say:

"The vast knowledge and professionalism displayed by Aaron Perry of Exterior Pro carries throughout many projects for Habitat for Humanity of Jefferson County Indiana. Aaron's recommendation to use the Duro-Last system on both our flat roof and barreled roof has proven to be the ideal product for our needs. Additionally, Aaron and his staff work in a fast, efficient, and friendly manner, paying careful attention to detail and safety. Aaron also installs the shingled roofs on our Habitat homes, by generously donating his time to our building efforts. Exterior Pro is our number one choice for all our roofing needs in Jefferson County."

— Amy Ray, Executive Director